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Of, By & For The Rich

By The Reverend Published: February 3, 2014

From it's founding, the United States was organized to make cynics out of the unwashed masses. Senators and representatives and presidents.....voted into office by the citizenry generation after generation....have always campaigned by telling potential voters that they, by god, will, if elected, carry out the will of the people.

Politicians of every stripe sing the hymns of the nearly-divine American democratic republic to get elected and then once elected, proceed to carry out the wishes of America's smallish investor class. It has always been so. It seems that it will always be so.

On the rare occasion when our nation's representatives have actually passed legislation of significance for the benefit of the electorate instead of only the rich and powerful few, it has been to head off some form of societal unrest or larger threat. The Civil Rights legislation of the 60's is but one example.

Often, to corral and break societal unrest, our elected officials have resorted to "patriotic" wars. These wars have always been touted as necessary to defend the people's freedom and liberty.....but in fact, have mostly been about expanding the economic sphere for the few in the investor class.This paradigm has defined our over two hundred year history.

As this piece points out.......this has all been by design from the beginning. There is a reason that the Founders, a group which declared in the Declaration that all men are created equal, only gave the right to vote to property-owning white males. There is a reason why it took over a hundred years for citizens other than white males to "earn" their right to cast a ballot.

Today we see America's unique "rich should rule" principle still operable, for just one example, in the "debate" over income and wealth disparity. In fact, so much so, that President Obama had to be oh-so-careful about using the words...income and wealth his SOTU address. To placate the rich and powerful who have been entitled to own and run the country from it's inception, Obama chose to not offend our rich overlords by instead using the phrase "ladders of opportunity." Anyone know what that phrase means?

This paradigm also explains why it is that fully-compromised main media seems obsessed with sharing with us how even talking about reversing the runaway income and wealth gap hurts the tenderest of feelings of wealthy billionaires, a form of terribly divisive "class warfare", dontchaknow.

This paragraph captures the essence.....

Real democracy will not come to Americans until most Americans understand that the current state of government is designed. James Madison never expected those that represented the masses to vote in concert with the constituents. He makes that clear in "Federalist #10." A representative democracy can be purchased on the cheap. The plutocracy only needs to purchase 1 president, 5 Supreme Court justices, 67 senators, and 218 Congressional representatives—300+ million Americans, you all be damned. For this reason careful examination of those representing us must take on more urgency and scrutiny.

Many may disagree with those sentiments, but I believe that more and more Americans are waking up to the reality contained therein. $6 billion was raised and spent on the 2012 election cycle. In a nation of 307 million, that $6 billion came from just a little over 32,000 donors. Of and by the people? Don't be silly. For the people? Ridiculous.

A tragically low minimum wage rate, check, a relentless attack on now-dwindled union membership, check, the outsourcing of millions of living-wage jobs, check, the domination and exploitation of foreign markets, check, a blank check for the Empire's military to continue the domination and exploitation of foreign markets, check, mockingly low tax rates on billionaires, check, voter suppression laws to keep the non-rich from upsetting the wealthy's overflowing applecart, check, more "free" trade agreements further hollowing out a once-robust U.S. job market while guaranteeing millions of new foreign customers to expand the profits of the rich few, check.

All of that....and much more, sadly, just what the elitist Founders intended.

The question remains.....what can the people do, if anything, to fight back against our baked-in, unfair system?



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