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Ohio Democrats.....Listen Up

By The Reverend Published: February 19, 2008


There are a few specific reasons why Ohio Democrats should seriously consider voting for Barack Obama in the March primary.

1) Obama will defeat John McCain. Polling already demonstrates that reality. Obama is very popular among Independents. He will take Independent voters away from John McCain. McCain must rely on Independent voters because conservatives have little excitement for the Arizona "maverick", and Evangelicals are lukewarm about the man who once called Falwell and Robertson's gang "agents of intolerance", notwithstanding his recent retraction.

If Hillary is the candidate, McCain will receive more of the Independent votes than he would against Obama. Hillary has a high unfavorable standing in the polls. Obama does not.

For these reasons, Obama is a more electable candidate for the Democratic Party.

2) Obama's youthful, and vigorous physical presence matched up against John McCain's grey, balding, well-aged exterior, I think, will be devastating to the Republican's chances of winning the general. The distinctions in the speaking styles and skills of these two men will be glaring. Barack is inspiring. He's understandable. McCain is halting, choppy, and to be honest, boring.

In today's video and audio driven society, where it's entertainment 24/7, I don't think it's even arguable that Obama would have an edge over McCain in this all important modern era reality. Hillary, although there's no question that she is a better speaker than McCain, is showing her age. Any physical presence comparisons with McCain would be a wash.

3) Iraq. It really doesn't matter what the militaristic right says or what scare tactics the neo-cons unleash about Iraq anymore. Two thirds of the nation want us out of Iraq. It is what it is. Obama has been against the Bush/McCain neo-con war of choice against Iraq from the beginning. Hillary voted for it. So did John McCain. If two thirds of Americans think the war was a mistake, which candidate will be more convincing versus John McCain when questions about Iraq are asked in front of a national teevee audience this summer and fall?

Even though Hillary and Obama each say they will bring our troops home from Iraq, the advantage goes to Obama in a head to head with McCain in front of the American voters. Obama's wisdom before the fact, and his willingness to take a very unpopular stand when he did, gives him credibility on the Iraq problem, which is still very important to American voters.

4) If you will take a moment and go here, you will see that Obama, because of the groups of voters he's drawing, will have much longer and wider coattails, than Hillary would, for Democratic House and Senate candidates to ride to D.C. on.

Democrats need more votes to stop the obstructionist Republicans. With a larger majority in both houses of Congress, a Democratic president can actually bring about the kind of change this country desperately needs. Obama, as the Democratic candidate, can help that situation along better than Hillary. Hillary would definitely try to change things for the better, but without a new and changed coalition in the Congress, it will be virtually impossible to pass anything other than what the corporatists in both parties agree on.

To Ohio Democrats:

Yes, Hillary, if elected, would be the first woman president, and that would be a good thing. Yes, she was the First Lady for 8 years and probably knows her way around the federal government. Yes, she is a policy wonk.

But she can't get the things done that the Democratic Party needs to get done for the sake of the country. Obama can unite the country. He is already uniting the country. Hillary, though a strong candidate and though it wouldn't necessarily be her fault, would not unite the country.

It's all about what's best for the people of the U.S.A., right?

A Democrat can win the presidency.....or....a Democrat can win the presidency and establish a new, long overdue, progressive era in this once proud nation.

Vote for Barack Obama. Be proud of America again.



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