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Ohio GOP Amplifies War On Women

By The Reverend Published: June 6, 2013

What really offends Republican voters and conservatives in general is the claim by Democrats and liberals that the GOP is fighting a war against women. Personally, I don't care that they are offended......because the accusation is 100% true.

Although the U.S. code grants women the full right to make their own reproductive choices, Republican officials in 25 states enacted 42 anti-choice measures in 2012 alone.

Arizona enacted the most anti-choice legislation in 2012, with four measures. Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin each enacted three anti-choice measures.

Since 1995, states have enacted 755 anti-choice measures.

It is true that the forced-pregnancy movement within the Republican camp rationalizes away their war against a woman's legal right to choose her own reproductive destiny by claiming that their greater concern is for the fertilized human egg. The gimmicky "personhood" legislative actions in some states speaks volumes about how the forced-pregnancy movement within the GOP regard the comparative values of a microscopic clump of cells to the life of a reproductive age woman.

Oh, and for those offended by my use of "forced pregnancy movement"....I would ask, what more accurate title could I use? Anti-choicers are working hard in their war on women to eliminate a woman's right to make her own reproductive decision....with their end goal of reversing Roe altogether. If successful, conservatives will have "forced" every impregnated woman to carry to term.....thus "forced pregnancy movement."

Now news comes from Columbus, Ohio that GOP forced pregnancy advocates there are poised to open a new state front in the Republican war against women.....

The (Ohio) Senate panel made a host of changes, including adding a provision to ban public hospitals from having agreements with abortion clinics to transfer patients....

State health department regulations require all ambulatory surgical facilities in Ohio, including abortion providers, to have transfer agreements with hospitals that would take patients in case they experience medical complications.....

State Sen. Joe Ueker, a Loveland Republican, offered the amendment.....“Someone has to stand up for the rights of the unborn,” he said.

Notice that when it comes to Ohio conservatives' war on women, Big Intrusive Meddling Government, not "limited government", is the preferred option.

State regulations in Ohio require surgical facilities to have a transfer agreement with hospitals in case of emergency, Republicans are banning public hospitals from making such transfer agreements with abortion providers. In effect, flipping the bird to all reproductive age women in Ohio.

Naturally, the goal here is to force abortion providers to close down or leave Ohio. When conducting a state war on women while a woman's right to choose is still 100% the law of the nation, Republicans must use guerrilla tactics, use sneak attacks, etc.....and that's exactly what Ohio Republicans are doing with their hospital transfer hocus-pocus manuevering.

And what better way to say 'I hate autonomous women' than to defund Planned Parenthood? Ohio Republicans can't think of a better way....and so they are including, alongside of their sneak attack on Ohio abortion providers, a provision to defund PP.

Again, House Bill 298 is a bit sneaky but when it comes to forcing pregnancy on women against their know, everything must be on the table.

House Bill 298 would create a priority list for federal family planning funds and place Planned Parenthood at the bottom. The bill's supporters argued at a hearing on Wednesday that its purpose is to improve health care in rural areas. Opponents argued that it is an ideologically-driven attack on Planned Parenthood and the patients it serves.

Not only have 25 red states passed 42 measures limiting a woman's legal right to an abortion just in 2012 alone.....but 10 states have also voted to defund Planned Parenthood since 2010.

Planned Parenthood of Ohio says it serves 100,000 men and women at 32 health centers across the state each year. While some of its clinics perform abortions, Planned Parenthood also offers basic health care services and preventative care.

Indiana and Arizona have had their respective defunding of PP legislation struck down by federal judges. Apparently, Ohio Republicans want a piece of that action too.

Ohio Republicans didn't have to join the forced-pregnancy movement's war against women....but they have. Women in America have a guaranteed legal right to choose and yet Ohio Republicans have eagerly donned their "war on women" uniforms and are fighting to deny women those legal rights through cheap tricks and sleight of hand legislative efforts.

Every woman in Ohio should remember how much the GOP hates female autonomy the next time they enter a polling booth. Ohio needs more and better Democrats in Columbus.....that's the only way to end the Republicans bitter war against women.



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