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Ohio's Issue 3: Wingnut Flypaper

By The Reverend Published: November 6, 2011

Most Ohioans understand by now the stakes inherent in Ohio Issue 2. A no vote on Ohio's Issue 2 on Tuesday is a vote to repeal SB5, an extremist, anti-labor, GOP-forced bill to end collective bargaining rights of Ohio public employees. Polls are predicting a humiliating loss for LittleJohn Kasich's SB5. Republicans in 60%-40%....are on the wrong side of this issue. Ohio Republican voters are the only voting block in favor of terminating public employee unions. On Tuesday, Democrats and Independent voters are poised to give LittleJohn a good and well-deserved electoral spanking.

Personally, I can hardly wait.

Sure, after Kasich and his band of class warriors are spanked Tuesday, there will most certainly emerge a banty-rooster-cocky Kasich strategy to punish public employees, Democrats and, of course, Ohio's poor and small-minded Republican punks are prone to do when thrashed badly at the polls. But make no mistake, when voters reject SB5 on Tuesday, they will be sending a very strong message to self-radicalized Republicans in Columbus. An SB5 thumping will most definitely be a pre-emptive sign in the electoral road warning of the dangers up ahead for GOP'ers in next November's general election.

Overreaching is never a wise move by politicians. Governor John Kasich, approval rating now in the 30's, is going to re-learn that harsh truth Tuesday night.

Although I have blogged about Ohio's Issue 3 in the seems as if there are still many folks who are confused by that Issue. And rightly so. That's the intention of Issue 3. To confuse Ohioans. Ohioans are being misinformed by masters of deception artists that a Yes vote on Issue 3 will prevent the mandate to carry health insurance contained in the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) from going into effect in Ohio.

Once again, I will state the truth about Issue 3. No matter what states decide to do, federal law takes precedence over any state law or referendum vote. Really, it's as simple as that. If a federal law, such as the AFA, is ever won't be done by individual state voters staggeringly-drunk on TEA. If the AFA is overturned...a big freaking will be done by our judicial system, the Supreme Court making the final decision.

So, why then....are Ohioans voting yea or nay on the ObamaCare mandate? To answer that question, I would remind readers of what happened in the 2004 election. Fearing a Bush re-election loss in Ohio, Karl Rove encouraged extremist Republicans in the state to bring forth a "bash the unmarried cohabitators...and especially gay cohabitators" referendum as a get-out-the-winger-vote effort. To Ohio's shame, the "bash cohabitators" bill passed and Bush won Ohio and his re-election bid. Cohabitating Ohio gays and heteros were simply used as the bait to entice intolerant, mostly ignorant, conservative voters to come out to the polls to cast their "morality" vote...and while at it....also place a check mark next to Georgie Bush's name.

Something similar is happening with Ohio's Issue 3 this year. Ohio's Issue 3 is the radical right's way of attracting intolerant, ignorant, and often backwards-thinking conservative voters to the polls on Tuesday to ALSO vote in favor of the union busting Issue 2. Just in case that Ohio voters are not thrilled about coming out to vote in class-warfare style against many of their public employee friends and neighbors....Issue 3 was created as "wingnut-voter flypaper."

Let's be clear here. A Yes vote on Issue 3 will not prevent the ObamaCare insurance mandate from going into effect. Ohio voters do not have the legal power to overturn a federal law, only the Supreme Court has that power. If voters would happen to reject the ACA mandate in Ohio.....barring an unlikely overturn ruling from the Supremes....the mandate will still stand and Ohio will still have to comply with all the provisions in the healthcare reform bill.

LittleJohn Kasich knows this, so do all Ohio's elected Republicans.

On Tuesday in Ohio, it's really only about SB5. The only goal of self-radicalized Ohio Republicans and conservatives in Tuesday's election is to bust-up public unions...which in turn....will do damage to future funding for Ohio Democratic efforts. Sensing an Ohio electorate upset with SB5....the Party of No, the Party of the Intolerant, the Party of Class Warfare....dug deep into their craven and cynical bag of political gimmicks, and came up with Issue 3 for the sole purpose of attracting more intolerant voters to the polls to cast a totally meaningless "feel good" vote against the Muslim-Socialist-Kenyan who is our President....AND WHILE DOING SO...also vote in favor of busting unions.

So, don't be confused or misled by deceptive teevee ads....or what your TEA Party relative has been spouting. The "let's bash Obama because it will make us feel good" Issue 3 is only a ruse, a gimmick, a trick.

Issue 3's only reason for as I said....for it's "wingnut-flypaper" power. Don't get caught up in the sticky and ignorant trap which cynical conservative deceivers have set for Ohio voters.

Vote NO on Issues 2 AND 3.



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