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Ohioans: Remember SB5 On Tuesday

By The Reverend Published: November 4, 2012

Ohio voters came out in droves last November soundly rejecting GOP Governor John Kasich's attempt to end collective bargaining rights for public sector union workers. The vote was 63% against SB5, 37% for SB5. A resounding defeat for Ohio Republicans intent on suppressing wages, busting unions and privatizing public education and other public services.

Mitt Romney, October 26,2011...."I fully support Gov. (John) Kasich's - I think it's called Question Two in Ohio. Fully support that," Romney said after visiting a local GOP office in the Washington suburbs. "Actually, on my website, I think back as early as April, I laid out that I support Question Two and Gov. Kasich's effort to restrict collective bargaining in Ohio."

I don't want Ohio voters to forget which side Mitt Romney supported in the Ohio SB5 fight. Mr. Romney sided with those who spouted the words liberty and freedom quite often, but acted to take the freedom and liberty of public workers to organize.....away.

Mr. Romney is no friend of working Americans. Full stop.

Mr. Romney's opposition to government "writing a check" to troubled automakers in 2009 was primarily rooted in a desire to punish and/or destroy the automakers union and help the investor class. When unions are crushed, diminished or eliminated, wages and benefits for union workers.....are suppressed. When the cost of labor is reduced.....profits for business owners increase. Mr. Romney's only expertise and only work experience is in increasing profits for business owners. You do the rest of the math.

Mr. Romney, like many leading Republicans, actually blamed automaker unions for the car makers financial woes at the beginning of 2009.

"Labor has asked for too much and business people have exceeded their demands only to see the business ultimately fail," he told the Ames Tribune's economic board in December. "That's what happened to GM and Chrysler. The demands of labor unions over time killed those businesses and made America become less competitive."

Mr. Romney's message is clear. American workers....teachers, police, firefighters in Ohio....and autoworkers in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.....are the problem, not part of the solution. Mr. Romney's solution is to bust unions, restrict collective bargaining and lower American wages accordingly in the process. Why? Profits.

And Mr. Romney wants to make that happen nationwide. From the 2012 GOP platform....a plan to bring right-to-work-for-less to all 50 states...

For the first time, it calls for a national Right-to-Work Act. Indicating the extreme nature of this year’s platform, the party is gleefully kowtowing to militant anti-union groups such as the National Right to Work Committee. 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney has endorsed it, 2008 candidate for the GOP nomination Mitt Romney did not. Now the law of the land in 23 states, right-to-work does not create jobs, but does reduce wages for already struggling workers.

Mr. Romney in his own words...."My view is, every person in America ought to have the right to choose whether to join the union or not, so I'm in favor of right-to-work legislation."

“I believe in right-to-work; I will fight for right-to-work,” Romney declared, before adding later that “hopefully, we’ll have national right-to-work” legislation.

Lowering wage scales nationwide (profits) while gutting the political contributions of unions to the Democratic Party (winning) Mr. Romney's rationale for attacking collective bargaining and supporting right to work.

But wait....yes, there's more. Mr. Romney would repeal Davis-Bacon.

February 23, 2012....

“One of the first things I’ll do—actually on day one—is I will end the government’s favoritism towards unions in contracting on federal projects and end project labor agreements, and I will fight to repeal the Davis-Bacon Act.

Davis-Bacon....The Davis–Bacon Act of 1931 is a United States federal law which established the requirement for paying prevailing wages on public works projects.

The reason that Davis-Bacon was passed was to prevent the federal government from suppressing wages in the various states. The prevailing wage in each state where the federal government was spending money had to be honored under Davis-Bacon. Want to learn something new? Check out prevailing wage differentials throughout the 50 states.

There is no room for quibbling here. Mr. Romney is not supportive of America's workers...unless America's workers are willing to work for less....and less...and...

Mitt Romney's only real world experience in business was making already-rich people, richer. That's all Mitt knows. Making already-rich people richer often involves working Americans losing their jobs or working for less or losing benefits like health insurance.

Mitt would be president, and a Mitt presidency would leverage the American enterprise to the max, reward those in the top 1% who "invested" in Mr. Romney with new and deeper tax and regulation cuts.....while dismantling and harassing workers unions, denying collective bargaining rights and lowering the quality of life for American workers and their families.

Ohio workers, Ohio voters, rightly rejected SB5 last year.....and by so doing, stood up for average Ohio working families.

We are being told by all the smart kids that Ohio is THE state this election. As Ohio goes, so goes the election.

That being the's about we Ohioans send a message to the rest of the nation on Tuesday?

Ohio stands with Barack Obama and against Mitt Romney because Ohioans stand WITH workers and their families.



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