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Oil Wars

By The Reverend Published: August 12, 2008

John McCain on the Russian/Georgian conflict...

"We have other important strategic interests at stake in Georgia, especially the continued flow of oil through the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan pipeline, which Russia attempted to bomb in recent days;" Link

Whatever else may be true about the situation in Georgia.....oil is paramount.

When U.S. leadership deceived our country into believing Iraq was a direct military threat, what those leaders were actually seeking to protect....was Iraq's huge ocean of oil. To have ignored this obvious reason for the neo-con war in Iraq.....was childish gullibility on the part of almost the entire media and a good portion of the American people. That may be why mainstream media, even to this day, is slow to point out the Bush/Cheney criminalities surrounding Iraq. Media was gullible enough, or complicit enough, to ignore the big-ass wart of oil growing on George and Dick's Pinocchio noses.

Russia under Putin has been less than inspiring, just like America under Bush/Cheney. The one point these leaders have in common is their lust for controlling oil assets, no matter who dies in the process.

The irony, however, in the current situation is just too thick to ignore. American neo-cons, McCain and Cheney, are condemning Russia for the very same actions that America took in Iraq....and most probably, for the very same reason....oil. Russia is at least dealing with next door neighbors, while the U.S. had to transport their oil-war machine halfway around the globe to protect, you know, our interests.

Other than acting all uppity and presumptuous, as if he were president, what McCain is saying here is basically true. Too bad the Straight Talker couldn't find that candor back in 2002 when a band of neo-con power usurpers ginned up an imperialistic attack and subsequent occupation of a former sovereign country sitting atop a sea of national interest.

The reason McCain didn't immediately tell us we were going to Iraq for the oil: McCain is a fellow Cheneyite neo-con. That is, still today, the biggest reason to deny him the Oval Office.



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