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Old, Sick People Must Pay

By The Reverend Published: October 25, 2011

It was transparently clear during the last national hostage-taking crisis that Republicans would never allow any further legislation to pass which would help relieve the misery of the have-nots who are still reeling from the Big Bankster Caper. A political party that would push the richest and most powerful nation in all of human history to the brink of bankruptcy to damage the chances for re-election of their most hated opponent, President Obama....will try anything to regain power. So, current Republican obstructionism over Obama's second jobs stimulus bill is as natural now as water flowing downhill.

Despite Droopy Dawg McConnell's description of the GOP's number one priority..."making President Obama a one term president"....President Obama has never given up on "winning over" Republican votes for his policies. Obama's politics are not the same old partisan politics, dontcha know. This, of course, has proven to be total foolishness....worse than wishful thinking on Obama's part....but it is what it is.

Trying to win over GOP votes led to a weak and timid stimulus bill in 2009, an insurance and pharma-friendly Affordable Care Act without a cost-lowering public option, and three back-to-back-to-back dangerous hostage taking situations over whether billionaires should pay a lower tax rate than secretaries.

But our President can't learn and can't be it comes as no surprise that in Obama's new Jobs Program initiative, he has included sweeteners to, once again,

piss into the wind , try to attract GOP votes.

In order to attract GOP votes for his new jobs bill, Obama has included a measure that would repeal an existing law intended to prevent government contractors from dodging their tax responsibilities.

The piece of the jobs bill Republicans will pass will end a requirement that the government withhold three percent of the cost of projects contracted out to private companies, to assure tax compliance. It’s a rule that Congress adopted during the Bush administration to cut down on tax cheating by government contractors.

As TPM writer, Brian Beutler points out, because every bill must be paid for with the exception of tax cuts for America's wealthy, which are exempt,.....the $10 billion-over-10-year loss to the Treasury by rescinding the law meant to keep government contractors honest.....must also be paid for. Republicans, the brave and mighty deficit-hawks that they are, insist on it.

So it came to pass that Droopy's Dawgs came up with an idea. The GOP congressional cartoon characters, sweetened up to accept the tax-dodger portion of Obama's "bipartisan" new Jobs Act, have decided to pay for the $10 billion in lost revenue by making old and sick people pay for it.

Yes, these are the same folks who claim they are the political "party of life." Perhaps the lives of old, sick people don't qualify....I don't really know.....but here is what Speaker Boehner will introduce in the House as a way of paying for letting tax cheats skate.....

The government uses a measure known as Modified Adjusted Gross Income to determine Medicaid eligibility. Currently, though, it only incorporates the taxable portion of Social Security income in that calculation. Under this proposal, it would factor in all Social Security benefits. That means some seniors who currently qualify for Medicaid would no longer be eligible. Doing this would save about $14.6 billion over 10 years — more than the cost of repealing the 3 percent withholding compliance measure.

What a great idea, huh? These are the same people who voted unanimously in the House and Senate to voucherize Medicare which the Congressional Budget Office concluded would add approximately $6000 more to every seniors out-of-pocket health costs. It's not as if Republicans don't have some experience in offering up punishments to the old and the sick for the sins of a tiny minority of very rich crooks. Punishing the old and the sick is worn as a badge of honor by our nation's neo-confederates.

Beutler concisely wraps up....

In sum: make it easier for big contractors to cheat on their taxes, and covering the cost by limiting Medicaid eligibility for sick old people.

Naturally, none of this will pass. It's all Kabuki. But let me ask readers, who in the hell are Republicans appealing to with this tax-dodgers-go-free-at-the-expense-of-the-old-and-the-sick? Are there still a few billionaires out there who are undecided on which political party represents their own greed-and-plunder interests? Doubtful.

Quite frankly, current congressional Republicans have all become Rush Limbaugh's. Limbaugh, the lying, deceptive traitorous scum that he is, bloviates 3 hours every day to accomplish two things: 1) piss off progressives, and 2) give clueless conservative listeners a laugh by appealing to his audience's biases and bigotry.

Now, congressional Republicans are following in Lord Limbaugh's footsteps, as loyal disciples often do. Droopy McConnell and Weepy Boehner are doing their best Limbaugh impression....knowing that progressives will be honked off by a proposal which assists tax cheats in their efforts while laying the cost of that tax cheating on the backs of the old and the infirm....and knowing that their neo-confederate base will wallow in glee at any prospect of pissing off progressives.

Quite a sick bunch of fratboy assh*les....wouldn't you say?



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