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Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

By The Reverend Published: August 27, 2007


Following up on my post about The Commander Guy's profound grasp of Vietnam history, read these comments by "White House aides"....

"White House aides speaking on background insist Bush, who even made a curious reference to Graham Greene's classic novel of American misguided idealism, The Quiet American, was not trying to 'relitigate the Vietnam war.' 'We understand that people might be surprised by his using that example, but it's for a very specific purpose,' said one White House aide, 'which is what were people saying about what would happen if we left [Vietnam] and what are people saying about what will happen if we leave Iraq? The Vietnam war has been analyzed every which way and that's not what he was trying to do, he was trying to deal with the current debate we're in now, weighing the consequences should America walk away from its commitment in Iraq.'" Link

My focus in this post is on the bizarre notion that, somehow, the president, who has been proven to be wrong about virtually every prediction he and his cult foot soldiers have made leading up to the illegal act of aggression against Iraq, is now to be taken seriously about new predictions of what will happen if our military leaves Iraq.

And it looks to me like all the super-smart and extremely serious Washington insiders, Knee Pad Media "reporters", and teevee pundits and analysts are prepared to rewind history to 2002 and act like nothing has transpired since then that should discredit any further Iraq predictions by Washington's warmongers.

Bloggers have been shining a light on this completely baffling development. In spite of foreign policy "experts", political hacks, and neo-conservative wonk after neo-conservative wonk, having been proven to be TOTALLY incorrect about their predictions concerning how the Iraq invasion and occupation were going to work out, these same people are being paraded in front of us, all over again, making predictions about the aftermath of our troops being re-deployed from Iraq and the success of the Bush political ploy brand named "the surge".

The obvious question would seem to me to be, why would ANYONE take seriously the predictions of those who have proven to be so wrong?

Why would anyone take seriously ANYTHING these people say about Iraq? Especially, and this is most generally the case, if these folks have NEVER publicly acknowledged being so wrong.

Americans are about to be presented with a new theatrical extravaganza produced and directed by neo-conservative's inside the White House. Immediately following the Labor Day weekend hordes of the same "experts" who were wrong about everything dealing with Iraq before we invaded will be prominently featured in teevee programs and op-eds and right wing talk radio.

One of the main objections to getting out of Iraq that we will hear repeated thousands of times by those who were wrong previously about Iraq will be the "you don't know how bad it will get if we leave" mantra. Newspaper "reporters", teevee "experts" and talk radio lunatics....having never acknowledged to their audiences how completely wrong they, as well as the White House, were before the Iraq crime started.....will, unbelievably, start all over again as if issues in Iraq right now have no connection with what's been predicted over the last 5 years.

The men and women who treated dire warnings about the violence and misery that would flow from Iraq if we invaded with disdain, arrogance and condescension are the very same men and women who will tell us if we leave Iraq now there will be violence and misery.

The men and women who called those who issued warnings about violence and misery if we invaded.... anti-American terrorist lovers, those who embolden the enemy and unpatriotic....will be the same people who say the same things about those who call for re-deploying our soldiers from Iraq.

Our federal government, attached at the head to their lapdog state news media freaks, has become a rogue outfit that can't be trusted. This, of course, is not news.

Those who never acknowledged being "bitten" the first go around with Iraq by the deceptions, lies and bullying from the neo-conservative criminals working in and for the White House....certainly won't be "shy" about reporting and repeating all the new, yet still untrustworthy propaganda, rolled out this September as if it was all being said and done in a vacuum.



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