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One Nation, Divisible?

By The Reverend Published: December 4, 2013

Last month Illinois became the 16th state to legalize gay marriage equality.

Presently, 25 states have rejected the Medicaid expansion provision offered in the ACA.

20 states plus D.C. now have medical marijuana laws in place, two states have legalized the weed.

Despite numerous studies demonstrating that in-person voter fraud is as prevalent as unicorn sightings, 34 states now have voter ID laws which actually suppress and discourage voting.

Numerous, mostly-GOP-run states have passed strict laws restricting a woman's freedom to choose, some states working even harder to close every abortion facility within their borders.

One nation, indivisible?

I mention these things because it is my opinion that the states, as indivisible as the Pledge claims, are actually divisible......and we are watching that division happen before our very eyes. To be sure, there are no serious efforts toward state secession....yet....even though nullification is all the rage in conservative-led states.

But how can 50 states, indivisible....stay that way when separate and distinct laws and cultures are being adopted in each of the individual states?

How long will it be before conservative states set up border checkpoints to deal with these distinctions and differences? Not kidding. How long do you suppose states like Utah will put up with state citizens visiting, say, Colorado, and returning to Utah with a nickel bag of mother nature?

How long before anti-choice states pass harsh laws prohibiting, say, a Texas female from traveling to a less anti-choice state to access abortion services?

How much unity in the states will there be when citizens living right across the state line, say like West Virginians near the Kentucky border, realize they are being treated differently vis-a-vis Medicaid expansion? Unified 50 states?

Should poorer minorities and the elderly in voter ID states move to states where voter-and-vote-suppression laws do not infringe on their right to vote?

I caught part of a roundtable discussion on teevee last week where this subject was being discussed. While these divisions began in earnest in the 90's as the conservative movement...moved....further to the the last decade those divisions have gained momentum. Since Obama, those divisions and distinctions have been on steroids.

Sure, all of the above-mentioned differences and distinctions COULD be resolved in the future by actual public servants working honestly to maintain 50 state unity....but what are the chances of that happening in the foreseeable future? Are you optimistic?

And, if our state-divisions widen in the near term. If "taking-their-country-back" states keep resorting to divisive lawmaking which further degrades national will that unity be restored? Can it be restored?

Or, is it your opinion that these distinctions, these divisions are a sign of a healthy democracy simply flexing it's individual state muscles?

I'm curious to find out how others see what I consider to be a dangerous period of national fragmentation. Am I making too much of these differences or are these differences and distinctions leading indicators of widening divisions to come?

What say ye?



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