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Blog of Mass Destruction

One Year Mark

By The Reverend Published: August 16, 2008

One year ago this month I was given the privilege of writing this blog. The Blog of Mass Destruction was, and still is, intended to expose the threats to America coming from three distinctly dangerous sources.

Number one.

What is known as the mainstream media of our country.

I suppose a more apt description would be corporate media. The content offered up by main media is dangerous to the nation. This content is nothing but lowest common denominator, mindless pap mixed in with government propaganda. Instead of being a watchdog for the American people, main media has become a lapdog for government and corporate powers.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would have never been able to committ the crimes that they have committed against the nation, had it not been for main media assisting them every step of the way. Any evidence or information discrediting the neo-cons case leading up to Iraq was sidelined while lying claims of weapons, nukes, drones, bio-weapons, mushroom clouds and yellowcake were featured and cycled regularly. Any filthy blogger or liberal objecting to the Iraq crime before it happened was demonized as being fringy nuts or worse yet, anti-war p*ssies.

Now we know that the Bush-Cheney rogue regime regularly leaked knowingly phony information to not only the American media but also foreign media. When foreign media shared the false information, neo-nuts, like Cheney, would quote that source on Meet the Press or FOX News. The last eight years has been nothing but a clustermess of government sponsored propaganda transferred by the vehicle of a complicit enemy of the United States of America....corporate media.

Number two.


I would place neo-conservatives in the number one position except for the fact that if media won't tell us about the neo-conservative danger, no one will ever know about the danger.

The new conservatives of today are corporate thugs. Their view of America is empire. Expanding the empire. Neo-conservatism kicks to the curb the old conservative thinking that America, for the most part, should mind it's own business. No wars of adventurism or imperialism. The new conservatives entire doctrine is based on using our military throughout the world, specifically in the middle east, to enable America's larger corporations, over time, to exploit foreign resources. Establishing permanent military bases as we have now in Iraq, demonstrates what the empire of the neo-conservatives will look like.

The danger confronting America today by neo-conservative thinking can be easily witnessed in the thousands of American deaths and tens of thousands of casualties coming out of Iraq. Iraqi deaths are estimated as anywhere from 200,000 to 1,000,000. Millions of Iraqis still refugeed. Costing us one half of a trillion dollars already, with projections of over a trillion. All of it brought about by lying and dishonest neo-conservatives in search of the American Lost Temple of Greed.

This great danger to our country is personified in the neo-conservative henchman, Dick Cheney. The Dick worked behind the scenes undermining Congress, conducting his own personal and phony intelligence office, outing a covert CIA agent, and ordering forgeries....all to cover their lying and despicable crime of sending our soldiers to fight and die in a non-threatening country. Neo-conservatives, as David Addington said of his ilk, "will push and push and push until someone stops us." Now we see what Addington meant. Soldiers dead for no apparent reason....push.....hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis....push....violations of every national and international law dealing with sovereignty, torture, kidnapping...and....Guantanomo....push.

Neo-conservatism is still a huge danger to America. This year's GOP candidate for president is a strong neo-conservative. This year's GOP candidate's foreign policy advisors are neo-conservatives.

Number three.


I'm hoping against hope that the theo-cons have peaked in their influence on America and will continue to decline going forward..... but I still hold that religionists who want to shape America according to some supernaturalistic based, sharia-style, nationalistic moral law are a huge danger to America. Their intolerance and hate have been featured in many radical gay rights referendums. Their extremity was clearly witnessed in the Terri Schiavo circus. The theo-cons' constant chinking away at our public schools has resulted in more state tax monies going to religious schools, many masquerading as "charter" schools. Schools of indoctrination, in many cases, with anti-science curriculums and intolerant worldviews.

The future of America must be science based. The future of America must be one of tolerance. What the theocons are pushing for in America is just the opposite. American religionists have the perfect right to practice whatever it is they practice without interference from the government. At the same time, religionists must cease insisting that government establish intolerant, supernaturalistic laws favoring their version of morality. To insist upon state morality mandates in matters of personal privacy is a danger to America. To insist upon "conscientious objector" privilege in matters of medical and prescription care is dangerous to America. To insist upon equal time for science and fairy tale versions of mankind is a danger to America.

Today, one year after BMD began, these three dangers are still huge threats to the future of our country. The Reverend, of necessity, must continue to do the Lord's work.



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