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Our Intelligent Species

By The Reverend Published: August 7, 2014

Human beings are said to be an intelligent species.

Yesterday I referred readers to the multiple Siberian craters apparently caused by global warming melting the arctic permafrost and releasing huge amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Today, I would refer you to a article by Lindsay Abrams.

....scientists in the Arctic discovered massive plumes of methane escaping from the seafloor....

Tweeting on the subject, scientist Jason Box opined...

"If even a small fraction of Arctic sea floor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we're f'd"

Asked about his Tweet, Box responded....

What alarmed him was that ”the methane bubbles were reaching the surface. That was something new in my survey of methane bubbles,” he said.

Is there any doubt that this newish warning by a potty mouthed scientist about "methane bubbles" exacerbating global warming will be thoroughly and shamelessly mocked by those paid to defend the fossil fuel industry? Of course not.

Just think of all of the fun Rush, Fox and the other anti-science suspects will have with those "tiny bubbles of escaping methane." Good times.

Would an intelligent species, whose future existence may depend on recognizing, and then working to reduce the threat of greenhouse gases......fiddle around jokingly in a concerted effort to discredit what 97% of trained scientists in the field have concluded?

A greedy and dishonest species, maybe....but not an intelligent one.

I think that Americans know why the U.S. won't move decisively to counter global climate change caused by carbon emissions. Big fossil fuel interests.

The truth is that the greed and power of a relative few has thus far, successfully, prevented any "intelligent species" solutions to the threat of global climate change.

So, how intelligent are we...really? you think that members of the intelligent species in the U.S. are likely to change course anytime soon when it comes to countering carbon emissions? I don't either.

What humans are excellent tool making. Our brain capacity, the only quality which distinguishes our species from others, makes it possible for us to create tools which better the lives of all humans. But what is the human race supposed to do when the greed of a powerful few stifles the tool-making, problem-solving capabilities of humanity in general?

Seriously, I don't have a clue. The tools are energy sources.....on a massive scale. But because the greed of a relative few is so dominant, our nation's intelligent species is being prevented from using those tools on a massive scale.

The same dynamic is at work in the political Homeland of the world's only superpower. Intelligent species Americans know that money in U.S. politics has corrupted the process beyond anything that even resembles governance by We the People.

Federal and state officials are now bought and paid for before they take their oaths of office and then, once elected, these bought and paid for officials spend over half of their time raising more money to get re-elected. As a result of this corruption, the majority will of the people on numerous important issues is simply ignored.

And yet, with campaign donations by our oligarchs obviously rotting out our alleged democratic you think anything is likely to change? Of course not. Here, again, the consensus of intelligent-species Americans must be shelved for the sake of the interests of a greedy few.

The capacity of humans to be greedy has trumped the capacity of humans to solve problems with their unique tool making abilities.

The power of a relative few to stop human advancement against obvious threats should alarm all of us.....but what can be done when greed successfully trumps human advancement?

I'm open to suggestions.....but I gotta tell ya....I don't see any solutions. The globe will continue to warm up, not because we can't do something about it....but because the greed of a few prevents us from tool-making our way out of the crisis. American governance will continue to rot in a swamp of big donor bribery, not because there isn't an obvious solution.....public campaign financing.....but because the greed of a few prevents us from implementing that solution.

Once human beings are prevented from solving problems through our only unique capability.....solving problems through tool making.....then we have lost our uniqueness as a species. All that will remain is the power of the jungle where the strongest (read: richest) survive.

No, greed is not good. Greed, left unsupervised for a second, doesn't work, except for the few. Yet, it would appear that greed is not only hollowing out the world's lone superpower but perhaps destroying the planet where all humans must live.

Think on those things....and...uh....have a nice day.



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