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Our Long War To Increase Muslim Extremism

By The Reverend Published: June 13, 2014

George W. Bush and his self-annointed vice president, Richard Cheney, aka The Dick, egregiously exploited the 9-11 attack in order to fulfill all the wet dreams of the neo-con members of the Project For the New American Century. That's the reason why we attacked Iraq. To fulfill the glorious ambitions of rich and well-connected neo-cons by establishing strategic U.S. military installations in middle eastern Iraq....from which America could "project it's power throughout the region."

Naturally, Americans couldn't know about the authentic reason for attacking Iraq.....and so began the Justification-of-the Day Game by the Bushies. WMD, aluminum tubes, old videos of a dog dying from chemical weapons, smoking guns and mushroom was a marathon of mendacity. Why? Because Americans wouldn't be pleased if the Bushies simply explained the PNAC reason.....the genuine reason for attacking Iraq.

But what was it that American troops were doing in Iraq for all those years? According to Rancher George, it was "spreading freedom." What America was actually doing in know, in the midst of all the killing, displacement, destruction, torture prisons and human misery....was "spreading freedom."

Freedom through violence. Quite the slogan. But that's the slogan the Bushies sold to an unknowing audience of Americans. Instead of peace through military buildup, the new Orwellian slogan of 2002-2003 became freedom through violence. Deterrence through strength would no longer cut it. Too risky. Pre-emptive war became the new rage.

Now it appears as if that U.S. freedom spreading in Iraq, ....some 7 years worth of, like, blowing up everywhere inside the country. I guess "stand up-stand down", another scripted line of the Bushies theatrical production, translated accordingly to mean standing up a capable Iraqi military.....didn't take very well. Of course, that means that President Obama doesn't believe in freedom. Think about it. What else could it mean?

Interestingly, although there was never a serious al-Qaeda extremist threat inside Iraq before we launched our Shock & Awe Freedom Spreading.....after our pre-emptive and illegal invasion, after Saddam had his head removed, types rushed to Iraq to kill Americans. In all, approximately 4500 U.S. troops were killed in George & Dick's Most Excellent Freedom Spreading Adventure....many thousands more wounded horribly.

On the stage of American political theater, the current disintegration of Iraq is being portrayed by the fraudsters who encouraged the pre-emptive U.S. attack in the first place as a miserable and incompetent failure by President Obama to secure the freedom that the neo-cons brought to Iraq. Obama is being blamed for not convincing Iraqi leaders to agree to a permanent U.S. military presence in their country. The Two Amigos, Huck and Gramps, think it's time, again, to drop more freedom on the destroyed country......sigh....if only Obama was truly American and not so obsessed with "replenishing the enemy" by making prisoner swaps, America could be feared again, as god intended.

Here's what I really think. When the war on terror was announced, Americans thought that meant our nation was engaging in a campaign to eliminate "terrorists." Yet, the reality is that over the last 12 years of our longest "war" ever, there are more Muslim extremists anxious to kill Americans than ever. How do we make sense of this?

The purpose of the war on terror....because after all, President Bush quickly lost interest in "getting" Bin Laden.....was to wreck the middle east, creating even more Muslim extremism, more division.....which, then, could be pointed to as further justification for permanent U.S. military occupation in the region. In short.....and readers may disagree here....the war on terror was meant to multiply the number of Muslim radicals.

Doesn't it seem odd when you think about it 12 years removed that Rumsfeld and the Boyz kept informing us that this would be a "long war?" How did they know that before the freedom began to drop from 30,000 feet? They knew because that was the plan.

Think. How could it have been the case that Paul Bremer acted unilaterally in dismantling the Iraqi military after the invasion? Does anyone actually believe that Bremer acted on his own? I don't. No, dismantling Saddam's military was a Bushie decision.....and that decision made it virtually impossible for Iraq to reorganize absent Saddam. Think that was an oversight on our part? I don't.

Do you think that the over-the-top media push, as directed by the Bushies, to scare Americans into believing that "terrorism" was equally as dangerous, nay, greater than the existential threat America faced for decades from the Soviets, was an oversight as well?

Finally, yes, if it's Friday, Obama is an incompetent leader who is in way over his incompetent head when it comes to foreign policy.....which also applies the other six days of the week as well. How so? Obama simply isn't moved by the neo-con "War on Terror" theatrical production. Obama doesn't like the script, won't repeat the advertised slogans and only sees death and destruction where neo-con actors swear they see freedom being spread in all that bloody sand.

And that really, really makes Angry Grandpa McCain....angrier. 



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