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Overreach Or Out-Of-Touch?

By The Reverend Published: May 25, 2011

Republican spokesman for Super PAC American Crossroads, Jonathan Collegio, commenting on Democrat, Kathy Hochul's special election win last night in New York's 26th district.....

"Republican Jane Corwin gave it her all in a very tough special election today," spokesman Jonathan Collegio said in a statement. "The debate over whether Medicare mattered more than a third-party candidate who split the Republican vote is mostly a partisan Rorschach Test. What is clear is that this election is a wake-up call for anyone who thinks that 2012 will be just like 2010. It's going to be a tougher environment, Democrats will be more competitive, and we need to play at the top of our game to win big next year."

New York's 26th congressional district is traditionally a very solid Republican district. GOP'er Chris Lee recently resigned over some Craig List photos he had posted. Just last November, the Republican Lee had won the 26th district with 74% of the vote.

Last night, Democrat Kathy Hochul took 47% of the vote, Republican Jane Corwin 43% and Tea Party candidate Jack Davis took 8% of the vote. Republicans are attributing the loss to Davis for siphoning off Republican votes....however, the last time Davis ran, he ran as a Democrat. It's just as likely that Davis siphoned an equal number of votes from both major party candidates.

What we do know for sure is that the Republican, Jane Corwin, early on, defended Paul Ryan's Roadmap to abolish Medicare. Corwin's statement from April 15, 2011.....

"As a member of Congress, I would have voted both for this week's plan to cut $38 billion and for the 2012 House budget resolution passed today."

Democrat, Kathy Hochul, made Corwin's statement the centerpiece of the campaign. The Ryan budget bill includes huge tax cuts to our nation's richest citizens while ending Medicare and replacing the popular program with a voucher plan requiring thousands more out of pocket each year from participating seniors.

Even in a blood red Republican district like New York's 26th, voters are not all that keen on trashing Medicare...and Corwin felt the backlash last night.

No matter what spin you read or hear today.....this special election is a leading indicator of the backlash coming the GOP's way next November.

For whatthehellever reason, House Republicans thought it was a good idea to bring up Paul Ryan's abolish-Medicare-while-cutting-taxes-for-the-wealthy budget for a vote. Ryan's budget passed with no Democratic votes and only 4 Republican no votes. Democrats promised to make Republicans own their votes before the 2012 election. Hochul made Corwin own her support of Ryan's budget last night. A conservative voting district kicked the GOP candidate, the candidate who said she would have voted for Ryan's budget, to the electoral curb.

All politicians take their power too seriously. Some take it more seriously than others. House Republicans....seriously inebriated on Tea....swung for the fences when they introduced Ryan's budget plan for a vote. Just as George W. Bush misinterpreted the 2004 election as a mandate to gut Social Security....and failed miserably when he too, now, House Republicans, with Medicare.

Americans do not want Medicare or Social Security tampered with. Yet, John Boehner, took the big Tea Party win in the House last November as some divine sign that Republicans could go ahead and dismantle the New Deal. Voters began voicing their rejection of Boehner's overreaching last night in New York 26.

Going into next fall's election, Democrats should never cease smearing this abolish-Medicare vote all over the faces of incumbent House Republicans. Even Senate Republicans are going to be forced to vote on the Ryan budget to abolish Medicare in a Harry Reid-sponsored culling of the Senate Tea Party herd, so to speak.

Rarely does a major political party make such a....well....dumb mistake as John Boehner and his Paul Ryan One Man Budget Band have made. This dumb mistake of forcing a vote on abolishing Medicare, a vote that had no chance of passing the Senate or the Presidency, tells us one of two things about Republicans. One....they are totally irresponsible actors, out of touch with the majority of voters, and therefore have no business leading our legislative process. Or..two...they know exactly what they're doing...dismantling America's most popular government programs....and they don't give a damn what Americans want.

Either way, today's Republicans cannot be trusted with the keys to the federal government. During the 00's, GOP'ers almost brought the entire nation down around us. Given the keys back to the House in 2010, the same Republicans started to take up where they left off.....chipping away at the poor, the elderly and the vulnerable while extending more love offerings to their constituency, America's wealthiest.

Voters are angry about these out-of-touch Republicans who would trash Medicare and enrich the already rich. Voters in New York voiced their anger last night. From a conservative-red district, voters are sending a Democrat to D.C. to represent them. Next November, many more Democrats will follow.



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