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Palin: "Future" of GOP

By The Reverend Published: September 4, 2008

It was her first opportunity to introduce herself to the American people. Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain's hastily chosen yet amazingly cynical choice for his running mate, could have spoken last night about inclusiveness, inviting ALL Americans to take her seriously. It seemed like a good opportunity to put her best credible and persuasive face forward. But she didn't

The sports announcer, beauty queen turned small town mayor then small state governor, decided that rather than attempt to persuade undecided and independent voters to take her seriously....she would rally the intolerant and radical right by acting like Anne Coulter or Laura Ingraham.

Unfortunate, really. She missed a good opportunity.

Karl Rove, through McCain manager Steve Schmidt, is "creating reality" again, as he has done so often before and during Bush-Cheney. The GOP machine message of media bashing and phony Sarah Palin victimization stories was repeated by every floor person and every prime time speaker last night. The whole orchestrated spectacle reminded me of the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Pod people for Palin.

I'll only try to make one point about the whole phony spectacle of distraction last night.

Rudy Giuliani stated last night, as well as some others, that Sarah Palin is the "future" of the Republican Party, "the next generation." If so, I would like for people to understand what that "future" will look like. It will be a future Republican Party totally controlled by anti-abortion and anti-science extremists. A future where an underage, impregnated by rape or incest, victim is forced to carry the baby to term. Only exception being the life of the mother...and as we have been told by this same class of extremists...that exception never occurs.

It will be a future Republican Party in which 21st century public school students are offered 16th century "options" to scientific findings. While the sea levels rise, storms intensify, and polar caps melt...the future GOP will continue to insist that man's activity has nothing to do with any of it.

If, indeed, Sarah Palin, is the future of the Republican Party...then this week's convention spotlight on the five gulf states' GOP more revealing then I had first imagined. You see, if Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican Party, then the Republican Party may very well be reduced to having majorities in only those five southern states.....Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Sarah Palin represents the extreme right evangelical wing of the Republican Party. The Terri Schiavo wing of the GOP. If you noticed that "over the top" weird excitement level last night....that was the same bizarre frenzy we witnessed by the extremists surrounding the Schiavo event.

Giuliani and many others tell us that the future of their broken and bankrupt political party is to be found in the likes of Sarah Palin, a woman against rights for women, a 21st century leader with 19th century superstitious beliefs, a divider not a uniter.

Sarah Palin went to her local Alaskan librarian, a little while back, and asked her how books in the library could be permanently removed. Yeah, she did. Palin told the librarian that some books were not fit for reading, especially by children, because of, you know, bad words and sex stuff. The librarian was flabbergasted. Sarah Palin disagrees with public school sex education that includes pregnancy prevention other than abstinence and yet she also vetoed a bill in Alaska to fund a program to help unwed mothers.

Sadly, this woman....according to GOP the "future of the GOP".

Often I've mentioned the GOP's upcoming permanent minority status, mainly because of the rogue Bush-Cheney administration. John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin only reinforces my prediction.



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