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Palin-Hasselbeck In 2012?

By The Reverend Published: October 28, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

Sarah Palin from 1984 beauty pageant.

As news leaks out that John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, is going all "rogue" and not listening to campaign personnel anymore, some inside the campaign even calling her a "Diva"....a new bizarro-world character, as well as "The View's" co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, has entered the campaign process by introducing Mrs. Palin in Tampa on Monday.

Naturally, as Hasselbeck frequently reminds us while on The View, cerebral substance is really not her strength. But, just like Sarah Palin, Elisabeth is attractive to look at. I'm not saying that beauty, or good looks, disqualify a person from holding political office. I'm saying that good looks, by themselves, do not qualify a the same way that being a former POW, in itself, does not qualify a person to become president.

Elisabeth Hasselhoff in Tampa...

For those who don't have computer video capability.....Hasselhoff spoke quite a bit about Sarah Palin's clothing. The story has emerged recently about the RNC spending some $150K on clothes for Palin and Palin's family. Elisabeth Hasselhoff calls that story, the media's being "fixated on her wardrobe". To even talk about such a thing as spending $150K on clothing, according to the brilliant Hasselhoff, is being "deliberately sexist"! Astoundingly, Elisabeth's next statement was, "Sarah Palin is a woman who knows how to dress". Even more astounding was the chorus of wolf-whistling which followed that statement. Hard to make stuff like this up.

After Elisabeth introduced the Alaska Governor, the great McCain campaign theme continued....

Palin in Tampa....

Instead of simply dropping the obviously embarassing hypocrisy self-inflicted by the Republican Party and the McCain campaign in parading Sarah Palin around as a reformer-maverick who will take on all those evil earmarks and pork-barrel spending in D.C......Palin calls the reporting on the McCain campaign's hypocrisy a "double standard". Howard Dean, DNC Chairmen, however, has spoken clearly about this....not one dime from the DNC or the Obama campaign was spent on Democratic candidates' clothing.

Amazingly, Sarah Palin kept going, talking about "beaded earrings" from Alaska and a "wedding ring that costs $35", and "consignment shop" clothes if the expensive clothing, itself, was the issue and not the cognitive dissonance of a campaign that campaigns on cutting government spending by using a "hatchet", while simultaneously spending a small fortune on clothing for an already physically attractive vice-presidential candidate.

Last night's Countdown discussion with the brilliant Chris Hayes of The Nation takes up this topic....

The debate has already begun on whether or not Sarah Palin represents the future of the Republican Party. Much upcoming teevee air time will be completely wasted on this subject.

I want to be the first to suggest the makeup (no pun) of the GOP ticket for 2012.


Because as my commenter buddy, On-A-Table, said on September 4th....

"Finally, I want to live in a future ruled by hot broads. Don't you?"

Does the GOP agree with On-A-Table? We'll see in four more years, huh?



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