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Partied Out

By The Reverend Published: May 19, 2010

For over a year now, I've been hearing about how the Patriotic Tea Party movement should be taken oh-so-seriously. Partyers have been deadly serious about taking their country back from whomever stole it from them....and Village Einsteins have been telling us how huge this small movement is, and how big a threat these "grassroots" Partyers are to President Obama and the Democratic congressional majorities.

Even though the public Partyer gatherings have been smallish.....and getting smaller as time goes by....Village Wisdom continues to insist that the TP's are a Serious and Angry force.....a Mighty Force that those dang socialist Democrats will just be forced to reckon with, by golly.

And, of course, Sarah Palin likes the Tea Partyers. Everyone knows how huge Sister Sarah's support is......25% of the electorate think she's a political force to be reckoned with......explaining why Villagers are always talking about her. Or something.

There were 4 state primaries held yesterday. Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Arkansas and Oregon.

Kentucky presented the TP's with their best hope yet. TP voters were oh-so-enthusiastic. TP voters anxious to take back their country would turn out in droves....proving how potent their smallish "grassroots" movement really was.

Rand Paul, Ron Paul's son, ran in the GOP primary for the U.S. senate candidacy this fall to replace the retiring Republican nut, Jim Bunning. Rand Paul wound up defeating the GOP-endorsed candidate, Trey Grayson, last night by a margin of 60-40.

Immediately the TP'ers drumbeat began. It had started. Associated Press writer, David Espo, claimed that the Tea Party was "making waves." Paul's win is, and will be, interpreted as the first step in "takin' back our country."

The messianic-minded Paul even said so last night....

"I have a message, a message from the tea party, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words: We have come to take our government back," he said, a 47-year-old eye surgeon making his first run for office.

Not so fast....Teabag Crusader.

I think that it's interesting to consider Kentucky's total vote count from yesterday. The Kentucky Democratic primary drew over 100,000 more total votes than the GOP primary between Paul and Grayson.
If the TP'ers were takin' back their country last night, and are a Mighty Force to be reckoned with.....why would far more Democrats go to the polls yesterday in Kentucky than Republicans?

In Pennsylvania, last might's election message was even worse for right wing conservatives.

Most races yesterday were primaries.....but not the one in Pennsylvania's 12th district. It was the real deal as Mark Critz, the Democrat, defeated, Tim Burns, the Republican, by 8 percentage points in a special election to replace the Democrat, John Murtha, who died unexpectantly recently.

Before that special election, both political parties said that the special election in Murtha's district would be a "bellweather"....a leading indicator of just how much of the country the Tea Partyers might, you know, be taking back, this November.

.....this is a bellwether district since it voted narrowly for John Kerry in 2004 (51%-49%) but for Sen. John McCain over Barack Obama in 2008 by less than one percentage point. Al Gore handily won the district in 2000.

The conservative Politico is calling the PA-12 special election results, "The GOP's special failure.".....

The race marked the third highly-contested, fair-fight special House election that the GOP has dropped in the last year.

The seat Murtha held for 36 years is precisely the sort of Rust Belt district—economically populist and culturally traditional—that Republicans must win to claim the 40 seats necessary to take back the House.

Yet the way Critz and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee won the contest offered a reminder that the prospect of a GOP majority remains a mirage.

Last night I listened to the Village Queen, Andrea Mitchell, also a "reporter" for NBC, blabber and blubber away incoherently about the other big primary contest in Pennsylvania. The 80 year old Republican-turned-Democrat, Senator Arlen Specter, was defeated handily by Democratic congressman, Joe Sesak. Sestak took the Democratic primary by 8% points.

Sestak is seen by the commie left as a stronger candidate this fall against the extreme-right GOP candidate, Pat Toomey.....the man Specter switched parties to avoid running against in the GOP primary.

But to the Queen, Sestak's win meant Obama and the Democrat's loss. Obama and the Democrats had made a deal to support Specter in the return for Specter switching parties. Specter's loss, to Andrea Mitchell, meant that Obama had lost and proved that Obama and the Democrats were in Big Trouble.

Queens always disregard the underlings....and so it is in the Village. In spite of Village Queens, Pennsylvania's Democratic voters realized that Specter's party switch after 40 years as a GOP'er was the self-serving move of a politician whose primary consideration all along has been....Arlen Specter. Those underlings don't attend Villager parties where all the Really Smart People share their Really Smart Insights with each other.....but they do recognize a fast one when it's being pulled. They sent the self-serving Arlen home.

Primary elections can't be interpreted like Tarot cards, or chicken entrails. Last night's primaries were no exception. But one thing, I think, is certain.....that Great Storm of Tea Party Patriotism, the Big One that we've been told is coming.....the one about to wash away the socialist Obama and his Commie Democrats, take back the country for "real Americans" and usher back in the Glory of 1950's America..... more like a Tempest in a Teacup.



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