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Partly Funny With A Chance Of Crazy

By The Reverend Published: September 25, 2009

The imaginative Steve King (R-IA) says that gay marriage is a "purely socialistic concept."

Have you noticed how conservatives and Republicans see socialistic threats, like, everywhere? Damn odd, if you ask me.

Here's Rep. King in the House explaining how President Barack Obama is the "star of ACORN, the lead, chief organizer."

King is a wild and crazy guy, huh?


Latest Times/CBS poll....

"Would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan -- something like the Medicare coverage that people 65 and older get -- that would compete with private health insurance plans?"

Favor 65%

Oppose 26%

Proving that facts still have a known liberal bias....OR....Americans want more socialism. Anybody want to break the news to Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity?

Malkin yesterday on President Obama's UN speech....

"He (Obama) doesn't like this country very much." Obama is "the great Appeaser and the Groveler in Chief."

"..he (Obama) has solidified his place as the weakest of weak leaders of modern American history.....They laugh at us. He is a laughingstock."

That must be why, after Obama's appearance at the UN, that Russia is now considering new tougher sanctions on Iran. Russia's President Medvedev must have been laughing so hard over how weak Obama's leadership is that he couldn't help agreeing with America's New Weakling-in-Chief.

Later, Obama presided over the UN Security Council unanimously passing a resolution "that “urges” countries to put conditions on their nuclear exports, so that international inspectors would be authorized to continue monitoring the use of some nuclear materials even if a country withdrew from the nonproliferation pact."

Yep, Michelle and Sean,.....laughingstock.


Next up....George W Bush's former speech writer Michael Gerson. Once again, the AB Journal insisted on printing Gerson's column. Gerson says that internet discourse in America is kind of like the Nazis using radio in the 1930's. Heil, Michael, you assh*le.

One sentence....

"The absolute freedom of the medium paradoxically encourages authoritarian impulses to intimidate and silence others."

As opposed, say, to the "absolute freedom" of Knee Pad Media members, like Gerson, whose neo-conservative "authoritarian impulses to intimidate and silence others".....we witnessed in the main media's complicity in leading us into a war of The Dick's choosing. Extra smiley face stickers for blaming internet discourse for what his ex-boss did for 8 straight years ...."intimidate and silence others"...resulting in 4400 U.S. dead soldiers. But it's the anonymous and dirty f*cking internet bloggers who possess those "authoritarian impulses."


Little known info....

The Fox Network did not cover President Barack Obama's speech before the joint session of Congress. The Fox cable outlet, I understand, did cover it....but not the broadcast network. It's the first time a major broadcaster, using public airwaves, refused to televise a presidential address before Congress.

So, according to another Beacon blurb from the Dallas Morning News today, President Obama should go on Fox and be interviewed by the blackout boyz.

"...what should concern the president more is that Fox delivers a devoted audience that doesn't always hear from the president unfiltered."

Is it me, or does that sound like a very naive statement? Nothing ever presented on Fox is "unfiltered." My suggestion to Obama? Keep flipping the bird to Fox offers.....they are unworthy to be considered a legitimate media participant.


Just in case you have been confused by the flaming wingnuttery recently over the non-profit group ACORN, Rachel Maddow had an excellent piece on the whole thing last night. And the imaginative one I referred to at the top makes an appearance too. It's worth watching.....but look out for those pesky facts flying....

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Finally.....Glenn Greenwald lays out the rotted landscape in the mainstream media and the halls of Washington.

The Villagers have a very ugly habit of chastising and punishing the weak and vulnerable while praising and rewarding the corrupt and the powerful. ACORN is simply the latest example.



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