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"Patriotic" Sabotage

By The Reverend Published: September 16, 2013

Eric Cantor....last week....

ObamaCare is hurting small businesses and stifling job growth. That is why Congressman Cantor continues to work to repeal and/or defund it.

Ben Bernanke, FED Chair....

I will argue today that, while both cyclical and structural forces have doubtless contributed to the increase in long-term unemployment, the continued weakness in aggregate demand is likely the predominant factor.

International Monetary Fund.....

Pointing to the sweeping federal budget cuts enacted in March’s sequestration, the IMF said the rush to cut the government’s budget deficit slowed economic growth to 1.9 percent.

Notice here that Obamacare is not mentioned by the FED or the IMF as playing any role in our woefully slow economic recovery.

I wouldn't be very surprised if I heard a Republican make the claim that Colorado's recent flooding was Obamacare.

How we arrived at such an insane Republican place is a weird review. Take elections, for example. For Republicans, the 2010 mid terms were monumental. Although mid term elections rarely even come close to general election turnouts.....the takeaway by Republicans in the 2010 mid term was that they were given a national mandate to repeal Obamacare....even though Obamacare was not on the mid term ballots and Republicans only took back one half of one branch of the federal governmet. The 2010 mid terms are still offered up today as some form of "proof" that Americans desperately want Obamacare repealed.

But crickets are all I've ever heard when a Republican is reminded that we've had another election since 2010....a general which one side promised to repeal Obamacare "on day one", and the other side promised to implement the democratically passed legislation expanding health insurance access. In fact, immediately following the general election results of 2012, even GOP Speaker Boehner was famously quoted as claiming that "Obamacare is the law of the land."

Maybe Boehner doesn't now what he means anymore, if he ever did. This July Boehner must have forgotten what he said November 8, 2012....

"You're going to see a lot more," Boehner told CBS's "Face the Nation." "You're going to see bipartisan votes coming out of the House to derail this thing (Obamacare).

And here's Boehner from last week....Boehner told reports on Tuesday, "Our goal is to cut spending and to stop Obamacare. And I believe that the strategy that was outlined to members this morning accomplishes that."

I can't determine whether Boehner's suffering from a form of mental disorder where reality fades in and out all the time or whether he's suffering from Tea poisoning. Opinions vary.

Whatever the case.....the Republicans in the House and Senate who still stubbornly celebrate the 2010 election while suffering amnesia over the 2012 election....have about two weeks to reach their authentic goal.

What, exactly, do Republicans have in mind with their plan over the next few weeks to shut down the government and/or default on the nation's debt if they don't get their way?

Do as much damage to the U.S. economy as possible leading up to the 2014 mid terms. In other words, it's the same goal GOP leaders plotted back on Inauguration Day, 2009. Damaging the U.S. economy by cutting spending during our worst modern economic downturn, keeping the unemployed, unemployed....crushing unions, bringing about our nation's first credit downgrade......are all purposeful efforts to further harm an already struggling economy. Seems weird, doesn't it....that one of two national political parties would undermine the economic prospects of the U.S. economy on purpose?

Yet, who can mount a persuasive rebuttal that that isn't the case?

Congressional Republicans took an oath to the Constitution of the United States. They vowed loyalty to "promote the general Welfare" of the People. Are Republicans honoring that vow or are they sabotaging it?

The three Confederate Amigos, Kruz, Paul and Rubio....joined by Tea insurgents in the House....are in the final stages of a plan to undermine the United States economy leading up to the 2014 campaigns. Sure, these Confederates have covered over their real intentions with phony and self-righteous banter about the will of the people and fiscal responsibility and so forth.

But make no mistake.....Republicans have every intention of doing further damage to an already-struggling that they can use evidence of a stumbling economy as an incentive to voters to replace Democrats with Republicans in 2014.

What do Republicans call this style of representative leadership?


Like I said.....weird.



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