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Pelosi: The New WMD

By The Reverend Published: May 16, 2009

As the country was being deceptively propagandized by the Bush administration during 2002 and early 2003, the focus of the propaganda boiled down to Saddam Hussein's alleged possession of dangerous weapons. WMD. The Bush administration pushed the WMD message repeatedly. Chemical and biological weapons labs....smoking gun mushroom clouds.....nuclear was a constant drumbeat.

But that wasn't the question our governmental leaders should have been asking....and then answering. Saddam's possession of dangerous weapons was not the basis upon which to decide whether or not to attack Iraq, a nation that posed no threat to the U.S., nor had ever attacked the U.S.

The nation should never have been focused on answering the question of whether Saddam possessed weaponry. The focus of the nation should have been targeted on answering the question: Does Iraq pose a threat to the United States? The answer to that question was an unequivocal, no. And that is why that question was never the focus of the Bushies propaganda.

If the question of whether Iraq posed a threat to the U.S. ever came up....the Bush propagandists would resort to their cockamamie pre-emptive war ramblings.

I bring this up because the same thing is now happening again. Bush's ex-officials, working in a coordinated fashion with Republican propagandists and their media stenographers, are attempting to focus the nation's attention on the wrong question.

The question before us is not: Who was briefed, or not briefed, or when they were briefed or not briefed, or what was in the briefing or non-briefing concerning torture? The question before us is: Who ordered the torture?

When the media gets their high on from a knowingly distractive story, they don't stop until the entire 8-ball has been snorted. So it is with their unexplainable obsession with when and what Nancy Pelosi was briefed on concerning Bush torture.

The Nancy Pelosi-was-briefed-about-torture focus has the same distractive quality to it that the Saddam-has-weapons focus had to it. Both were/are attempts to avoid the authentic question that needs exploring, i.e. Does Saddam pose a threat to the U.S.? or, in our present case, Who ordered the torture?

Obama has told us that the time for "old politics" is over. I couldn't disagree more. The old politics are alive and well and still controling the narrative in Washington D.C. Karl Rove proudly explained awhile back how the conservatives "created reality", and how the media stenographers would simply record that new "reality" while they, in turn, would go about "creating" more.

And so it is, mid-May, 2009. Clear and unassailable evidence, much of it by eyewitnesses, has surfaced recently implicating the Bush administration in a pre-meditative conspiracy to obtain knowingly false confessions from tortured prisoners, false confessions tying al-Qaeda and 9-11 with Iraq. False confessions that were then used to deceive Congress and the American people about the need to attack and occupy Iraq.

In light of this evidence, most of the main media Villagers simply refuse to ask the pertinent and obvious question: Who ordered this to be done? Instead, dog-whistled by Republicans, the Villagers have all rushed to the new shiny-object-question-orgy of distraction: Did Nancy Pelosi know about torture?

By asking the questions Bush wanted the media to ask in the fraud-up to Iraq, Congress and the American people were not well served, to put it mildly. That willingness to focus on a distraction led to 4200 dead American soldiers and an ongoing clusterf*ck of a mess 6 years later.

By focusing on what the Bushies want us to focus on now: Did Nancy Pelosi know about torture?...... our nation is being led into an even deeper, darker hellhole....the permanent acceptance of savage torture.

I wonder how many Americans will have to die this time.

Here's a quick video compilation of the Villagers snorting thick lines of mass distraction....



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