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Picking Up Where They Left Off

By The Reverend Published: June 22, 2008

Barack Obama is opting out of public campaign financing. He is opting out of public campaign financing after he had filled out a questionaire early last year saying, if nominated, he would seek an agreement with the GOP nominee to use public financing in the general election campaign. Naturally, Obama's critics are foaming at the mouth at this turn of events and are calling for his impeachment before he is elected....or something along those lines.

Small ball compared to what's coming in the fall, to be sure.

Noticeable in the Obama criticisms over the campaign financing issue, however, is the importance given, the magnitude attributed to such a decision by Obama. The Beacon uses these phrases: "Obama spins with the best", "Obama's lame contention", "today the aggressive spin", slam Obama over changing his mind from the time, over a year ago, when he filled out a questionaire.

It is the level of reaction, witnessed further in David Brooks Sunday Beacon reprint piece on the same subject, that is misplaced here. Obama critics, like the Beacon, realize that Obama now has 1.5 million small donors whose average donation to Obama's campaign is less than 200 dollars. A fact not lost in this New York Times piece by Francis Wilkinson, explaining the relevance of those numbers to public campaign financing objectives......

"Ever since Watergate, the ideal of campaign finance reform has been to replace a system fueled by special interests and big money with either full public financing or a system of civic-minded small donors. The former is abhorred by much of the public while the latter looks remarkably like In effect, the Obama campaign has come closer to achieving the ideals of campaign finance reform than 30-plus years of regulation. To condemn the campaign’s departure from the system is to elevate rules over the principle that gave birth to the rules in the first place." Link

What's of importance to Obama critics, like the Beacon, is not that the spirit of public campaign financing is actually being fulfilled by Obama's huge network of public, small, no.....what's important to Obama's critics, like the Beacon, is the perceived "gotcha" moment.

Make no mistake. The Beacon, as well as other Obama critics, are well aware of the traincar load of flip-flops that John McCain has made just in the last six months. Changing, almost with the wind, his policy positions on major cuts, immigration, the religious right, offshore drilling...and many, many others. But McCain's mackeral act is still trumpeted as one of a "straight talker". Nothing McCain could do or say, nothing he could flip-flop on, absolutely nothing.....can change the now-branded-in-journalists-brains "fact" that McCain is a "maverick" "straight talker". As far as Obama critics in the media go, McCain, literally, is incapable of flip-flopping.

This has also been true for Obama's critics, like the Beacon, viv-a-vis Mr. George W. Bush. Bush has been given a get-out-of-responsibility-free card from all those who now criticize Barack Obama. Cowered by imaginary fear, or simply captivated by the Codpiece, those today criticizing Obama for opting out of public campaign financing have rarely been heard typing a discouraging word against the most criminally minded and impeachable offense producing machine ever....Dear Leader, George, the Younger.

Obama's critics, like the Beacon, will be oh-so-unsuccessful this campaign cycle in deterring voters away from voting for the young Illinois senator. And those same critics, of course, will be saddened that the 71 year old, out of touch, establishment, stay the course, warmongering candidate, Johnny Mac, has been so resoundingly defeated come November.

It's what comes immediately after the upcoming Obama victory that's important here. Those who now criticize Barack Obama, like the Beacon,....those who have timidly zipped tight their lips and keyboards for eight straight years of the rogue regime of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney....upon Obama's victory, will suddenly come out of hibernation, find their Bill Clinton bashing voice of the nineties, and pick up where they left off when Scalia choose Georgie in 2000.

This November, as the Democratic avalanche rumbles over and through the GOP party of the powerful , President Obama's critics, like the Beacon, will mount their high establishment horses dismounted 8 years ago, and once again, sanctimoniously and microscoptically begin poring over every Obama syllable, in search of ANYTHING that can be used as an excuse to remove Obama from office.

I consider the utter nonsensical approach to Obama's public campaign finance positioning as the first sign of a possible expansion on the neo-conservatives' policy front of pre-emption. Pre-emptive impeachment. It won't be close enough for Scalia to order who sits in the Oval Office this time around, so other means will be required to discredit or drive from office the newly elected Democratic president.

Silent as slugs during the Bush/Cheney reign of terror and error, President Obama's critics,....wait for the Beacon,....will awaken with pre-emptive and patriotic morning breath, prepared to bellow loudly and foully, over any miniscule miscue by the new Democratic president.

It's just the way it is.



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