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Pining For Barry's Insurgents

By The Reverend Published: July 22, 2011

In December it was a threat to increase taxes on all Americans if the top 2% didn't have their tax cuts extended. Down to the wire both sides went in that earlier ransom situation....and President Obama and his very weak band of Congressional Democrats agreed to pay the ransom.

In return for paying that ransom, Obama and the Democrats won an unemployment compensation extension for thousands of out-of-work Americans. Extending unemployment during high unemployment periods didn't used to be an ideological issue requiring ransom notes....but then....the Republican Party didn't used to be the way it is now. Or did it?

Having caved to Republican demands last December, which added $2 trillion to that godawful debt the Tea Clan is so worried about, the handwriting has been on the wall for what's going to happen in the current debt-ceiling, GOP hostage situation. Democrats....who control the Senate and the presidency....are going to cave to the whims of the new, yet unimproved, GOP.

Of course, I could be wrong....and Republicans may simply agree to conduct a "clean" vote to raise the debt ceiling, enough Republicans joining all the Democrats to extend the nation's credit and calm the nerves of those who own and control our federal government...Wall Street.

Something that used to be routine Congressional housekeeping....lifting the debt ceiling.....done 17 times under St. Ronnie and 7 times under George, the no longer routine. According to those who are going about "taking their country back" one ransom note after another.....there can be no compromise with the evildoers in the Democratic Party over anything.

No compromise with Democrats. Only hostage taking and ransom note writing during times of emergency.

That's how our federal government will operate from now on.....unless the Tea Party protest movement is rejected for it's hostage taking ways. We'll find out the future of America come next November. If polls show they will...recoil from the thuggish, no-compromise methods of the new radicals of the Republican Party...then America still has some hope of recovering from Wall Street's scorched earth "lost decade."

If not....we're doomed.

In yet another nutty column from George Will, the bowtied one tells us that the Tea Party is...."the most welcome political development since the Goldwater insurgency in 1964". The Goldwater "insurgency" that makes Will tingle included Goldwater's rejection of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

In 1964, Goldwater ran a conservative campaign that emphasized "states' rights."[15] Goldwater's 1964 campaign was a magnet for conservatives since he opposed interference by the federal government in state affairs. Although he had supported all previous federal civil rights legislation and had supported the original senate version of the bill, Goldwater made the decision to oppose the Civil Rights Act of 1964. His stance was based on his view that the act was an intrusion of the federal government into the affairs of states and, second, that the Act interfered with the rights of private persons to do business, or not, with whomever they chose.

Perhaps you noticed the similarities in the Goldwater insurgency and today's modern separatist movement...the Tea Party. States rights are primary. The federal government can't make citizens do stuff those citizens don't want to do. The pre-eminence of business.

It all looks familiar....doesn't it?

Our best hope after the Tea Party-forced hostage situations of 2011 is to hope for the same outcome that befell George Will's last wet dream, the Goldwater insurgency. Total electoral humiliation and rejection.

Goldwater lost to President Lyndon Johnson by a massive landslide, pulling down the GOP, which lost many seats in both houses of Congress. Goldwater carried only his home state and five Deep South states.

Whatever the outcome of the current hostage situation over raising the debt ceiling....unless the Republican Party is entirely humiliated by voters next November for their crazy and uncompromising ways....just as Goldwater's crazies were soundly rejected in 1964....America's future remains very bleak.



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