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Pity Party

By The Reverend Published: September 14, 2009

Updated below

National Tea Party expectations....

We’re going to Washington to give them a piece of our minds(we have more to spare!). We are joining hundreds of thousands (maybe as many as 1,000,000) fellow patriots in DC. get in on the act now.

Number of attendees according to Michelle Malkin's extremist-right website......

Celebrating the 9/12 rallies; Turnout estimated at 2 million;

Number of actual D.C. Tea Party protesters this past Saturday from someone, unlike Michelle Malkin, who was actually present....

I went down to the protest on the mall today just to have a look. The crowd was actually pretty impressive. I didn't have a good vantage point of the whole crowd, but I would say there were easily tens of thousands, maybe upwards of 50 thousand. But I was amused to hear more than one person really inflate those numbers. I overheard a guy on his cell phone saying there were two million people there, and another woman say a million and a half.

Number of protesters according to the D.C. fire department.....

The DC Fire Department has issued an unofficial estimate of 60,000 to 70,000 people in attendance, which is smallish by big DC protest/event standards but definitely respectable.

What type of crowd was it?

Those are the 9-12 Tea Partiers gathered in the DC Armory. Take notice of the diversity of the crowd.....or lack thereof.

Here is the guy who organized the D.C. Tea Party (along with Glenn Beck). Dick Armey, the head of FreedomWorks,.......talking to the Tea Partiers..

A bit of the pageantry.....

An interview.....

What was the feel, the sense.....of the protesters?....

However, it was an angry group with a real sense of absolute entitlement. Something not focused on by many. This sense of entitlement that they deserve to be the dominant deciders and that it's being taken away.

A group of primarily white protesters with no central message of protest. A group of protesters, after months and months of promotion from Fox and Glenn Beck, totaling around 60,000. A group with no coherent complaint except that Democrats are in control of Washington. A mainly white group of poor political losers. Some with extremely-wingnutty ideas.

The 9-12 event promoted heavily by Beck and Fox, organized by Dick Armey and attended by a group of 60,000 incoherent protesters turned out to be....alas....only a pity party.

American conservatives must face reality. American voters have rejected Republican candidates the last two elections. Americans are living right now with the disastrous mess left over from 8 years of a GOP president, 6 of those years with a Republican Congress. The era of Ronald Reagan brand conservatism is over. Proven to be a terrible failure. Conservative policies have been tried....and they have failed miserably.

Instead of facing reality, accepting failure and voter rejection, conservatives have been circling the Wingnut Wagons to defend failure.

It has been pitiful to watch.

In my senior year of high school our football team beat a neighboring team by 52-6. Walking in to the locker room after the game, the visiting losers, upset about being trounced so badly, tried to start a fight with our team members.

The visiting want-to-fight players represent the American Tea Party conservatives today. Having their ass kicked in the election "games" has only made them madder, more defiant. Tea Partiers, no matter that their candidates and policies have been thoroughly rejected, still think they, and they alone, are entitled to have their viewpoints recognized and implemented. They alone, represent "real America." And so they continually pick fights.

America is changing. Tea Partiers don't want it to change....and so they held a pity party, sore-loser session in D.C. voicing their disapproval. America elected a black Democrat, installed a Latino woman to the Supreme Court and is currently working through a national health reform bill.

Tea Partiers have lost the political policy battle...and they want to fight about it.

Update: Must see teevee on the 9-12'ers....



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