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Plan B....The B Stands For Bungle

By The Reverend Published: December 21, 2012

What a flustercuck!

Last night Speaker Boehner did not have enough Republican votes in the House to raise income tax rates on the top .19% millionaires-or-better crowd. Yet Boehner did have enough GOP votes last night to pass a going-nowhere bill to cut food stamps, Meals on Wheels, funding to Obamacare exchanges, Medicaid and specific Child Tax Credits.

It was quickly labeled Plan B by the Village morons.....the B apparently standing for Bungle. It was to be Speaker Boehner's final chessboard move to reverse the terms he and his fellow Republicans had approved earlier in the year......when everyone agreed that automatic spending cuts would follow a failure of the Debt Commission. The Debt Commission.....failed.

Plan B from Boehner was handled so amateurishly that it's hard to see how the Speaker from Ohio survives a challenge to his House leadership next month. Last evening, Speaker Boehner had to call off his scheduled vote to continue the Bush-era income tax rates for everyone except millionaires or better. He didn't have enough votes.....from his fellow Republicans. Yet the Speaker's bill to replace automatic sequestration cuts passed in the GOP House last evening by a 215-209 margin with 22 Republicans and all Democrats voting no.

Not only was last night a total effing embarrassment to John Boehner but last night was also a lesson to Obama...and all concerned Americans.....that the Republican Party has no intention of cooperating or compromising with Democrats on anything. That should work out swimmingly when the issue of raising the debt ceiling comes up again in a few months.

Republicans in the House refused to go along with increasing income tax rates on the top .19% of our nation's earners.....a total of some 400,000 families. Republicans are holding fast to their unpopular no-tax-increases policy in spite of the fact that all serious economists agree that increases in taxes and cuts in government spending must both be included in any realistic plan to confront long term debt.

But Boehner's Bunglers, possibly experiencing embarrassment from not counting votes before declaring a vote on raising income tax rates on millionaires, made things even worse last night by voting 215-209 to replace the military and domestic spending cuts required in the automatic sequester with new spending cuts.....which would have excluded defense cuts entirely.

Here's what the Bunglers replaced the automatic sequester cuts with.....

– Cuts to food stamps that could knock millions of low-income Americans out of the program;

– Cuts to Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers meals to seniors or other individuals who are unable to prepare their own food;

– Cuts funding to health exchanges that will be created under Obamacare and funding for Medicaid included in the same law;

– Cuts to the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that will yield no cost savings, but will make bailouts of big banks more likely;

– Denying the Child Tax Credit to the parents of American children, if the parents are undocumented immigrants.

No cuts to defense spending because.....I have no idea. But cuts to Obamacare (shocker), cuts to people who can't afford to buy food, cuts to meals for poor housebound geezers, cuts to funding big-bank regulations and a backhand cut to the "illegals."

Now does that sound like a House the President.....or anybody....can work with?

As I'm typing this......the S&P index stock SPY is down $3.11, or 2.1%.....and the market isn't even open yet. Republicans have proven yet again that they....and they alone.....are willing to destroy U.S. markets in order to destroy the Santa-safety net that Obama voters are accused of comfortably wrapping themselves up in.

So, over the cliff we go.....not really a cliff.....but over we shall go. Tax rates will go up, spending cuts in defense and domestic will begin.....and Republicans will be entirely to blame.

In January, Democrats will reintroduce new tax cuts for everyone under $250K, which Republicans will be hard-pressed to vote against......further amplifying GOP irrelevancy.

And then in late February-early March Americans will be treated to yet another flustercuck when House Republicans.....angrier than ever.....will try to crash the markets and do damage to the full faith and credit standing of the richest and most powerful nation in world history.




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