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Poor, Put Upon Patriots

By The Reverend Published: May 15, 2013

I agree with some on the left who are suggesting that of the three molehill "scandals" the Village has gone bonkers over in just the last 72 hours.....the IRS "delaying my Tea Party Patriot group's tax-exempt status" will resonate the loudest and the longest.

The GOP base.....Tea Party and Patriot groups plus see, are being victimized by the "Democrat" Party and the Obama "regime." The IRS faux-scandal fits the winger narrative to a tee. The "real Americans" out there in Bumsmuck, Tennessee and Oxycontin, Kentucky have been under siege from the moment Obama was sworn in, that is, after ACORN stole the election for Obama in 2008, with an assist from the New Black Panthers. It was built-in tyranny from the onset.

Taxed enough already, tyranny, stop socialism, don't tread on me, stop Obamacare, stop the stimulus, stop.....Obama. Most of the persecution complex carried around daily by GOP base members is derived from government programs which help the have-nots.

Increasing taxes on the rich, for example, is for the purpose of new government spending on those who are not the GOP base.....the "other". That's tyranny and punishing the "successful." Obamacare will help the poors, and that is a form of tyranny because the GOP base believes you get what you deserve in life. Helping the less fortunates gain access to health care insurance is, according to the GOP base, a form of big government tyranny.....but the GOP base sees itself as being victimized by Obamacare because tax monies will be redistributed to those who are not regarded as "real Americans."

The ruckus raised over a no-co-pay contraception provision is evidence of the same persecution complex among the GOP base. Liberty and freedom were being shredded when reproductive-age women gained access to free or almost free contraception.......the Patriots out there would have to pay for women's contraception with their tax dollars, it has been argued......and that is a form of government persecution of "real Americans."

If teacher's unions continue to exist....."real Americans" are being persecuted. If public schools still exist....."real Americans" are being tyrannized and persecuted.....singled out for punishment because their tax dollars are going to support the big government tyranny and liberal indoctrination which, everyone knows, is all that goes on in public schools.

Because of this "we are victims" mentality on the conservative side.....the IRS alleged scandal will wind up being the feature scandal for "real Americans", which means it will be the favorite in the Village of the Damned.

After the 2010 midterm Tea Party-victims-win in the House, the IRS was overwhelmed with new "patriot" and "Tea Party" groups applying for tax exempt status on the basis of being a "social welfare" group. Tea Party groups are a lot of things, some of which I can't mention on this family-friendly format, but "social welfare" groups ain't one of them.

From the very beginning, these "new" far right groups were never new at all. Just the same old enraged and victimized GOP base with tri-cornered hats and teabags as head adornment.....trying to revive and remake the same old Bush-broken Republican Party.

How were any of these "new" far-right groups victimized or persecuted by the IRS? None of their applications were denied. All were granted 501c status. So, how were they victimized and persecuted again? The applications took too long? My god, call in the carpet bombs.

None of the facts in the case will matter....just as facts during the Bill Clinton witchhunt didn't matter. All that matters is that the poor put-upon patriots were singled out for persecution.

Americans need jobs. Americans with jobs need higher wages. Those are America's most pressing needs. Yet, for the near term, all we're going to get is dimwitted "investigations" into how badly our "real Americans" have been victimized and persecuted by that bad old Obama.



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