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Post 9-11 Bipartisanship

By The Reverend Published: September 12, 2012

The one policy that both major political parties agree upon is our 11 year-long war on Muslim countries.

The reason Mitt Romney, in his RNC acceptance speech, omitted any criticism of President Obama's handling of our 11 year-long war on Muslim countries is because he, and the Republicans who made him their candidate, agree with what Obama has been doing in our 11 year-long war on Muslim countries.

The only ongoing bipartisanship witnessed in D.C. is over our 11 year-old war on Muslim countries. Both sides agree.....we need to kill more Muslims in Muslim make sure that al-Qaida can't reconstitute itself. And because there will always be a chance that al-Qaida will reconstitute least in some form or other....then, as far as the people of the U.S. are concerned.....our multiple wars in multiple Muslim countries.....will never end.

Maybe the Muslim countries will change.....but the killing of Muslims in Muslim countries will not.

It's the "long war"...remember?

Yes, a handful of lucky jihadists dispatched by Bin Ladin, killed almost 3000 Americans on 9-11. Justice had to be served.

Now, that justice has killed 6570 U.S. soldiers and wounded 30,000+ more. Now, that justice has killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in numerous countries. Now, that justice has given jihadist-minded Muslims all the self- justifications they will ever need to continue to plot against the United States.

It could be said that our "war on terror", as utterly void of meaning as that phrase is, is, in actuality....a war to create more terrorism.

And so, the war that the neo-conservative war-criminal, Don Rumsfeld, explained would be a "long war".....might well turn out to be what we've witnessed the last 11 "endless war".

Of course, killing more Muslims in Muslim countries will create many more Muslims willing to kill themselves in order to kill Americans.....which is exactly what happened on 9-11. So, there's that. One might ask one's self if our killing of more Muslims in multiple Muslim countries isn't for that very purpose.

But in the isolation cell which is exceptional America, we're never permitted to ask questions like...'what has America done to earn the bitter hatred of some Muslims?'.....'why are some Muslims willing to kill themselves to kill Americans?'....'won't our "endless war" in multiple Muslim countries actually aggravate the extremist problem?'

I realize that what I have to say about 9-11, and the aftermath, is only accepted by a small minority of Americans who haven't been hypnotized by jingoistic calls to expand the exceptional U.S. Empire through the shedding of more Muslim blood. Most readers here will not agree with my assessment....but I've never been shy about stating my views even when I know they are unpopular.

Our huge military presence in multiple Muslim countries today has very little to do with any threats from al-Qaida. We are in all those Muslim nations today to fulfill the goals of extreme American radicals known as neo-conservatives. We are in those multiple Muslim countries today not because 19 hi-jackers got lucky 11 years ago. We are in those countries today because that was the neo-con, PNAC (Project for the New American century) plan since the 90's. All that was needed was opportunity.

Former VP Cheney and former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld....original signers of the PNAC plans to take over the world....used the occasion of 9-11 ("another Pearl Harbor moment") to mightily increase our military presence in Muslim countries in order to "project our power" throughout that region. The theory of the duplicitous PNAC'ers was that after winning the Cold War, the U.S. needed to take the opportunity to position itself militarily in the middle east.....basically hemming in, or surrounding PNAC's vision of our future enemies.....China and Russia.

Yes, Obama has followed the neo-cons vision. Yes, Obama removed combat troops from Iraq.....but left the largest U.S. Embassy in the world....and 30,000 private security contractors (mercenaries) to defend it. Yes, the glee of bloodthirsty Republicans everywhere....escalated the Afghanistan quagmire. Yes, Obama expanded the abuse of our Constitution begun under Bush-Cheney by announcing that the POTUS had singular assassination powers, including of U.S. citizens.

And that brings me full circle to where I began. On the economy, taxes, health care, women's rights, Medicare...etc...President Obama is regarded by conservatives and Republicans as an enemy of America, a socialist, a foreigner, a Kenyan, a Muslim, an anti-colonialist, a Food Stamp and Welfare President......but when it comes to our 11 year-old war in multiple Muslim countries, those same conservatives and Republicans have very little to say in criticism of the Democratic president.

Bipartisan bliss.

Sadly, that's post-9-11 America....and in numerous ways, our nation is worse off for it.




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