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Post-Truth America

By The Reverend Published: October 10, 2012

Some say that it all started with the inexplicable impeachment of the Democratic President Clinton. Others would suggest that it began in earnest with the selection of a U.S. president by 9 Supreme Court Justices. It gathered momentum during and after what I have often called the crime of Iraq. It made a short appearance in the person of Sarah Palin. It grew exponentially in force with the election of America's first black president and now it has taken over our entire national political discourse as evidenced in the candidacy and campaign of Mitt Romney.

What is

Like it or not....America is now post-truth.

In each and every event or person I mentioned in the first paragraph, there exists today in America two distinctly opposite narratives. Two truths, as it were. Two separate and distinct histories. The 50 states that make up the United States are not blue or red states....or even purple states. The 50 states are made up of citizens who accept as gospel.....two distinct and contradictory histories.

Some speak of the problem of "civility", some swear that our divisions are over policy disagreements, while others point to the extremities they see coming equally from "both sides." Poppycock.

Yes, today we are still one nation.....but one nation with two separate and distinct realities, one nation with two contradictory histories. As time goes by, those two histories, those two realities, will add new chapters......and those new chapters will also contradict each other.....until, eventually, communication between the two-realities, the two-truth groups will be entirely impossible. We're nearly there now.

Contrary to what we have so often heard.....Americans are not having a "conversation" about anything. We're not "debating" anything. We're simply shouting our unique version of what happened yesterday in the direction of the other political-reality train that's passing us going in the opposite direction...and vice-versa.

It does no good to fact-check anything anymore.....facts simply don't matter. Scientific and historical studies are no longer relevant and are easily dismissed as conspiratorial, corrupt or biased. Numbers don't matter, averages don't matter, polls don't matter.....nothing matters, EXCEPT for the version of reality, the version of U.S. history you choose to believe in.

There's nothing to be gained, really, in thoroughly documenting and debunking the other side's reality. 8 years ago, when i began blogging, I thought there actually was an objective to be reached by carefully detailing what seemed to me to be a veritable cornucopia of falsehoods and deceptions. Today, the falsehoods are even worse, the deceptions more intricate and devious.

And so, with that depressing take, let me say that it comes as no surprise this election season to see voters buried under an avalanche of bullshite. Obvious lies are now truth. Truth is now obviously a lie. The two separate and distinct realities and histories of post-truth America will march on simultaneously with fewer and fewer points of inter-connectedness.

Until One America is no more.




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