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Pre-emptive Pardoning

By The Reverend Published: October 11, 2007


I guess you could call it the Gerald Ford Pre-emptive Pardoning Syndrome, in honor of Ford's pardoning of Richard Nixon BEFORE he was officially charged with anything. Quite a trick, that.

Bush Junior wants his legacy to include a bit of Gerald Ford's pre-emptive magic. In Bush's case it is all about those obedient telecommunications companies who CONSPIRED secretly with Bush to violate federal FISA laws as well as the 4th amendment of the Constitution.

Although these telecommunications companies have not been charged with any wrongdoing....and George has not admitted to any wrongdoing as he conspired with them....he wants a blanket pre-emptive pardon for those companies....anyway...

House Democrats rejected a bid by Bush's fellow Republicans to provide retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies that cooperated in the president's warrantless spying program secretly begun shortly after the September 11 attacks.

Bush insisted the new bill "must grant liability protection to companies who are facing multibillion dollar lawsuits only because they are believed to have assisted in the efforts to defend our nation." Link

The Reverend's disclaimer: I fully believe the Democrats will eventually cave to the 28% popular president. I suppose because he is so...popular.

In our new age of Endless Wars of Aggression Fought With Other People's Kids,(elsewhere known as The Long War) the Empire's Emperor has declared pre-emption as the new operating procedure. In "reality based" circles pre-emption means lawlessness. In "faith based" wingnutland circles pre-emption means killing Muslims, "securing their nation's resources", and occupying their lands before "they" can do anything about it.

Simply believe the Empire's Dear Leader is Wise and Good and would, like George Washington, never tell a lie about countries threatening us, especially countries sitting on oceans of....oil.

But now "faith basers" must accept the next wave of pre-emption by their Dear Leader....pre-emptive pardoning. We have witnessed pre-emptive pardoning in the Libby case, when, rather then place the Scooter in a precarious a jail cell....for his multiple felonies, Emperor Junior commuted Libby's jail was just too harsh for outing an undercover CIA operative who had worked on non-proliferation of WMD's in the middle east.

Let's examine the logic, or lack thereof, of Commander Guy's desire to pre-emptively pardon telcos for obeying his orders.

If George W. Bush has done nothing illegal or unConstitutional, since 2001, in his warrantless wiretapping of Americans (admittedly a big "if"), why would it be necessary to pre-emptively pardon companies who assisted him while he wasn't doing anything illegal??

Could the Codpiece be working under an assumption that he did, indeed, do something wrong....but he just hasn't been caught yet? And should he get caught, officially, he doesn't want his buddies at AT&T and elsewhere to go down with him? In other words, is it all because the Dear Leader is thinking of the welfare of others?

I wouldn't blame anyone for laughing at my last question...but I'm trying to find the logic here.

The Reverend believes that just as President Ford pre-emptively pardoned Nixon in order to keep all Nixon's, and the GOP's, crimes too, Emperor Decider, far from caring about the telcos welfare, wants to pre-emptively pardon them in order to keep HIS crimes secret.

If telcos are allowed to be charged with crimes, as they should be in a nation of laws, Junior's crimes would be made public as well. This the Emperor can not allow. Thus the veto threat.

Do you see how Bush uses wording kind of, like,....moronic? "...grant liability protection to...companies facing...lawsuits...only because they are believed to have assisted in the efforts to defend our nation."

We don't KNOW if these companies "assisted" George because he's keeping it all secret. And there is no better way to keep all this secret than to grant blanket amnesty to telcos, ipso facto, making all those "suits" moot.

What about "national security" reasons for granting blanket amnesty to co-conspirator companies? Could that be the Wise and Dear Leader's thinking on why it all has to be kept secret? Do you think Osama's people DIDN'T know that America was surveilling them with everything we had after 9-11?

No, it's not "national security" reasoning that Decider is using to attempt to force Congress into pre-emptively pardoning telcos. It's Bush Legacy Security, or more to the point, it's Bush Self-Preservation reasoning...or even more accurately, it's Renegade and Rogue Dear Leader Ass Covering reasoning...just as it was in the Scooter pardon.

It's always all about George.



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