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Pre-Emptive Vote Suppression

By The Reverend Published: August 13, 2008

It is a fact of American election life that voter fraud has never been a threatening problem to the election process. I challenge any conservative naysayers to produce evidence otherwise. Just like WMD in Iraq were a non-existent threat to too voter fraud.

However, Republicans never take facts for an answer. And just like I've been predicting....GOP'ers are running around in swing states shouting "voter fraud". By shouting about something that doesn't exist, like WMD in Iraq, Republicans, then, can feel justified in going forward with their shock and awe voter rolls reduction campaign. Eliminating newly registered Democratic voters in the process. Obama has attracted many new voters to the process....and Republicans must do their unlevel best to eliminate as many of those new voters as possible.....from voting for Obama.

Republicans are moving to examine surges in voter registrations in some states. A Republican lawyers group held a national training session on election law over the weekend that included campaign attorneys for Sen. John McCain and other Republican leaders. One session discussed how party operatives can identify and respond to instances of voter fraud.

Republicans said they are particularly worried about prospects for fraud in Virginia and Pennsylvania, and are beginning to comb thousands of new registrations in those states for ineligible applicants. In some cases the huge numbers threaten to swamp their efforts -- and those of state and local governments to verify and process applications. Link

"Particularly worried" about "prospects for fraud" in Virginia and Pennsylvania. No reason is given for the "worried" part. The reason these GOP'ers are "particularly worried", I suggest, is because a whole bunch of new voters registered to vote for Obama, not McCain. Reflexively, that means that there are "prospects for fraud". The only "fraud", of course, is the party complaining about being "worried". Because there are so many new registered voters in places like Virginia and Pennsylvania, most of them Democratic registrations, the GOP Party of Vote Suppression is just being "swamped" trying to keep up with the invisible fraud.

The Three Stooges on crack.

How many times do American voters have to witness this same old voter suppression game by Republicans before they throw their undemocratic asses out permanently?

Note: The only recent election that was stolen.....was stolen by the 7-2 Republican appointed Supreme Court.



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