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Pre-emptively Killing America

By The Reverend Published: March 21, 2012

By now you've probably heard about the 'shoot-first, ask-questions later' Florida law which led to the recent murder of the 17 year old black youth, Trayvon Martin, down in Seminole, Florida.

Florida calls it's 'shoot-first, ask questions later' law the Stand Your Ground law. I wrote about this Florida law when it was enacted and mentioned that it was a natural result of the thinking which led to the Iraq crime....preventative violence, preventative war....all claimed in the sanctimonious words of self-defense.

Read the NY Times link and you'll discover the resultant violence and free-of-charges murders which have followed in the wake of Florida's freedom-to-kill bill.

Naturally, Florida can pass any law that it desires. I suppose that lawmakers there thought that a state full of concealed carry citizens excitedly itching to be in a "threatening" situation just to exercise their rights to "stand their ground" in "self-defense"....would make for a less violent state.

Florida prosecutors and law enforcement do not appreciate their state's new law....but the NRA and Florida's gun fetishists? They're lovin' it.

Ohio's act of obesiance to the NRA included a new law permitting concealed carry citizens the right to enter liquor establishments. That brilliant piece be the prelude to adopting a Florida-style law...because let's face the age of a black president, autonomy-seeking women, "illegals", Occupy Wall Streeters, and liberal-socialist-commies...who doesn't feel threatened, right?

Basically, Florida's Stand Your Ground law allows for any confrontation, of any kind and for any reason, to become a murder scene....and for the shooter to walk away from any and all charges coming from that murder scene by a claim of "self-defense." Just "standing my ground", that's all.

In other words....Florida has legalized murder.

In the Treyvon Martin case, the murderer, Mr. Zimmerman, actually stalked Martin through the neighborhood where Martin was visiting his father. Zimmerman was a "captain" of a "neighborhood watch team". Without provocation, Zimmerman stalked Martin, eventually leading to a confrontation with Martin during which Zimmerman shot and killed the high schooler.

Despite federal inquiries or minority outrage or visits to the state by Al Sharpton....Mr. Zimmerman will most likely plead "self-defense...I was holding my ground" and will never ever be charged with a crime. Why? Because Florida has all but made murder legal in their state.

Now the larger picture. First, if Stand Your Ground is a legitimate way to legalize murder, in self-defense of course,....then what gun-loving state would not want to implement it? Post 9-11, post Obama....who doesn't feel "threatened", right?

Second...pre-emptive wars are now standard operating procedure for America ever since George and Dick made them legal. It's too risky now not to launch a pre-emptive war against nation-states, especially nation-states who, for whatever reason, make our Leaders feel, you know, "threatened." Those nations don't have to provoke the U.S. in some way which is deserving of retaliation before our Leaders feel threatened. Just the fact that those nations exist in their current form is enough of a "threat" to justify an aggressive U.S. military assault.

Third...if pre-emptive, non-provoked, collective wars of aggression are proper and just...and they are....then Stand Your Ground-based pre-emptive should also proper and just.

Something to think about....isn't it true that many patriotic U.S. citizens consider themselves under threat by liberals and Democrats? Isn't that the daily message flowing through the Fox teevee and radio sewer? Hasn't the Tea Party informed us time and time again that the future of America is being threatened by liberal politicians, and that if they don't "take their country back" right now...America will be destroyed forever?

Do you think that these "threatened" doomsdayers are actually feeling threatened or simply playacting? Would you want to find out?

Here are two recent examples of what I'm trying to communicate in today's blog....abortion clinic bombing in Texas....New Hampshire state legislator regularly carries two guns while legislating.

Note: Monday morning I had to call 911 for my computer. Currently it is undergoing surgery....still touch and go...but I'm hoping for the best. The computer I'm using reminds me of when I first discovered dial-up back in the early 90's. Not excusing any typos or eff-ups....just sayin'.



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