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Preventing Government From Functioning

By The Reverend Published: May 10, 2013

The job of elected Republicans in Washington is to prevent Congress from doing its job. The job of Congress is to represent the overall welfare of the citizenry by passing and implementing needed legislation. The role of elected Republicans in Washington is to prevent Congress from doing so.

If Congress does its job properly, then the Republican "message" that "gub'mint is the problem" doesn't ring true. The goal of the GOP, as led by oath-giving Grover Norquist, is to limit what Congress can the hopes of reducing the size of government so that government can eventually have a drowning accident in a bathtub. A less powerful federal government means lower taxes, or fewer regulations, on our controlling oligarchs....a less powerful government means very wealthy barons don't have to worry so much about cheating and stealing....the federal government threadbare to stop them.

But if Congress doesn't do its job properly, or is stymied by obstructionists, then the American people will think less and less of Congress, eventually coming to hate Congress and "big gub'mint" as much as Grover and his Republican buddies do. Preventing Congress from passing...well...much of anything is, in reality, a political strategy to convince voters that government "is the problem." To the GOP, obstruction is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Republicans hate government, so when elected they work to obstruct government.....thus proving it doesn't work.

Republican leaders think that if voters get fed up with a 'do-nothing' Congress then those fed up voters may be open to the GOP "message"....which since Ronaldus has been "gub'mint is the problem." Obstruction as political strategy.

Does anyone think that today's 15% approval of Congress number is an accident? Don't be silly. Republican obstructionists have worked hard for that low number. In fact, the last Congress (2011-2012) passed the fewest pieces of legislation since 1947. A true do-nothing Congress. But not by accident. Strategically planned and carried out.

Three examples.

Dodd-Frank. The financial regulation bill includes the setting up of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Though democratically passed as the Constitution demands, Republicans refuse to obey the dictates of that democratically passed bill....

....43 Republican senators (are) committed to refusing approval of any nominee to head the consumer watchdog until the bureau underwent significant reform.

Congress passes legislation according to its constitutional mandate....Republican members nullify that legislation through obstruction.

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB must have three members to issue decisions. Currently, the Board only has two members. Senate Republicans have obstructed any further appointments. The Board cannot function....which was the goal of Republicans all along. Congressional Republicans in the Age of Tea are elected for one purpose make sure government can't work for the American people.

Then, when government fails to work, and receives low marks from voters....Republicans can increase their "gub'mint is the problem" political message volume to eleven and.....point to the congressional failings they have brought about themselves as the evidence.

Obamacare. Even though after the general election John Boehner asserted that Obamacare was "the law of the land".....he didn't really mean it. Yesterday, Big John and Little Mitch announced their new effort in making government fail. Obamacare contains a provision setting up an Independent Payment Advisory Board. 15 members are to be appointed. The purpose of the Board is to cost-contain Medicare expenditures...but here's how GOP senators attempted to monkey-wrench the whole deal....

Initially, Democrats (led by Jay Rockefeller) wanted to create an IPAB structure but keep it to five members, appointed by the executive branch. Negotiations turned it into a 15-member panel with congressional nominations. If you asked any Republican in the last three years whether they'd appoint people to IPAB, they'd tell you "no."

See the word..."negotiations"...there. Republicans, none of whom voted for Obamacare, fought to keep control over the Independent Payment Advisory Board in congressional they could obstruct and stonewall any and all appointments. Once more, Republicans worked hard to stop democratically passed laws from being implemented. Why? Because "gub'mint is the problem"....and must not be permitted to function because it is the problem.

The federal government has its failings.....of that there is no doubt. But representative democratic government deserves a chance to function.....otherwise to hell with the whole deal and let's just have anarchy. What the New Confederates are doing with their endless refusals to allow goivernment to function is not only highly cynical and devious.....but deleterious to the welfare of the American people.

Republicans have rejected the constitutional role of Congress. They have successfully gamed the system to guarantee congressional failure. How that is not traitorous behavior is beyond me.



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