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Primary Considerations

By The Reverend Published: June 9, 2010

There was a special Democratic runoff election yesterday in Arkansas. Neither Blanche Lincoln, the incumbent Senator, nor Bill Halter, her challenger, had won 50.1% of the Democratic primary vote in Arkansas a few short weeks ago. So there was a runoff election yesterday.

Unexpectedly, in light of pre-runoff polling, Blanche Lincoln won the runoff last night by a 52%-48% margin. Lincoln's win, even though she is currently a sitting Senator from Arkansas, was a surprise.

One main reason Bill Halter challenged Lincoln in the first place was because of her decision, working in tandem with Joementum Lieberman, to filibuster health care reform if a public, not-for-profit, option was included in the recently passed health care reform legislation.

Arkansans consistently polled in favor of a government run public option to be included in the insurance "exchanges" to be set up in 2014. Senator Lincoln threatened to filibuster the entire health care reform bill if a public option was included.

With the public option out of the package, Lincoln voted for the final bill which passed by a 60-40 count in the Senate.

Progressives in Arkansas and around the nation decided that Senator Lincoln, known lovingly as Senator Wal-Mart, had gone too far in her loyalty to American corporations.....and their generous campaign contributions.....and that led to her primary challenge from Arkansas Lt. Governor, Bill Halter, an advocate for the public option.

60% of Lincoln's campaign donations came from individual donors, 40% from corporate donors. 93% of Bill Halter's campaign donations came from individual donors.

Who came to Blanche Lincoln's rescue....helping her win this close runoff election? None other than Mr. Corporate Democrat, himself, Bill Clinton......

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln survived a bruising Democratic runoff thanks to former President Bill Clinton's starpower and her argument that labor unions were trying to interfere in state politics.

Here's the former president campaigning for Blanche Lincoln by triangulating Arkansas voters AGAINST their own interests as represented by labor.....

According to the Third Way master, "special interest" unions were trying to "use" Arkansas voters, "manipulate" them, into voting against anyone who "crosses" them. Bubba blubbers on saying that Blanche Lincoln is Arkansas's "advocate", someone who will "fight for ya'."

How's that fight been going?

What percentage of Arkansas workers are unionized?

Six states had union membership rates below 5.0 percent in 2009, with North Carolina having the lowest rate (3.1 percent). The next lowest rates were recorded in Arkansas (4.2 percent)...

Per capita personal income in Arkansas? 2006 data....$28, 473. That is the third lowest of all 50 states. Only Mississippi and West Virginia rank lower.

How about health insurance?

17-23% of Arkansans do not have health insurance. 61% of those folks worked a regular job.

That's what's been happening to Arkansans while Blanche Lincoln has been one of their senators, you know, "fighting" for the interests of Arkansans. That's what's been happening to the nation ever since Corporate Democrats, epitomized in Bill Clinton and Rahm Emmanuel, decided to sell out American workers, American progressives and the Democratic Party.

I can't put it better than this....

.....she can thank Arkansas’ favorite son – former President Bill Clinton, who campaigned all over the state in the final days for her re-election. Lincoln is a doomed incumbent with awful poll numbers – and her primary victory now gives Republican John Bozeman a far better chance at prevailing in November. But it wasn’t the first time Bubba reared his head to hurt the Democratic Party – all in the name of a thinly veiled centrism. Clinton taught Democrats throughout the 1990’s that they should run against their base – proving their “toughness” by trashing progressives. It’s a legacy that gave us George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and House Speaker Newt Gingrich – while Clinton Democrats fed at the corporate trough. Lincoln practiced the art of Clintonism, by killing a public option for health care and then bragging about it to voters.

Republicans have never represented the American people....but that's simply common knowledge, nothing new. What's been new in American politics, especially after the 12 year presidential reign of GOP'ers from 1981-1993, is the corruption of the Democratic Party by the same corporate structure that, literally, owns the GOP.

Last night in Arkansas, thanks to Mr. Corporate Democrat, Bill Clinton.....that corruption continues.



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