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By The Reverend Published: February 8, 2012

I had some concerns for Rick Santorum before last night's three GOP primary results came in. My concern for the theo-connic candidate was that he would not get his turn driving the Clown Car this election season. Even though Santorum actually beat Mitt Romney in the first caucus in Iowa....the vote count was so tight that Serious Political and Media Experts simply mentally chalked up Iowa as a Romney win....assuring that the Clown Car keys would not be handed over to Santorum.

But now....thank you Jesus....after Rick Santorum won all three state's primaries/caucuses/beauty pageants last night.....the ex-Pennsylvania senator will don his rubber nose and curly red wig, dab on a bit of makeup, put on his big floppy shoes....grab the Clown Car keys away from the Mittster, and take the GOP-mobile out for a spin. Good on Rick. Theo-cons can drive Clown Cars too. So there.

How confused are GOP voters this year? Very.

In 2008 Mitt Romney won the Colorado GOP caucuses 60-18% over John McCain. Last night, Rick Santorum beat Mitt Romney in Colorado by 40-35%.

In Missouri, Santorum beat Romney last night 57%-26%.....even though the vote doesn't really count.

But the embarrassment to Mitt Romney last night came from Minnesota Republican voters. Santorum 45%, Ron Paul 27%...Mitt Romney 17%. Romney received about 1/3 of the number of votes that Santorum did in Minnesota last night, despite the fact that ex-Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, T-Paw to his closest friends, is Romney's national campaign chairman and has often spoken out in favor of Romney's candidacy.

The Anyone-But-Romney conservative voters are alive and kicking.....and this morning the Mittster's shins are black and blue.

The DNC Chair issued a painful reminder to Republicans describing how the Clown Car Drive-a-thon has been going...

“In state after state, turnout among Republican voters is lower than it was in 2008, and they are increasingly dissatisfied with their choice of candidates.”

Not enthusiastic about voting this year....AND....dissatisfied with their candidates. Not exactly encouraging stuff for voters hell-bent on taking their country back from the Dark Knight.

Naturally, Rick Santorum will not be the GOP presidential candidate in November. Rick's desire for the federal government to take control of American's sex lives....I'm taking a wild guess.....won't catch on like wildfire with voters. Could be wrong, of course...but let me remind readers about Santorum's....well....creepy thinking...

“One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country,” the former Pennsylvania senator explained. “It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.

That's not a political candidate talking.....that's a religious nut talking.

It is more than likely that Super Tuesday, March 6th.....will cement Mitt Romney's candidacy. However, book-and-DVD-seller, Newt Gingrich, says he's taking his book selling all the way to the convention in Tampa at the end of the summer. Here's what Gingrich thinks about Romney....

“His (Romney's) record as governor is very clear: He was pro-abortion, he was pro-gun control, he was pro-tax increase, he ended up third from the bottom in job creation,’’ Gingrich said. “The combination of Romneycare and tax increases made him a very weak governor in terms of job creation.’’

Just imagine the Obama ads against Romney this fall focusing on Newt's comments.

The clouds are starting to darken for Republican ambitions to retake the Oval Office. Rasmussen, not to be confused with a progressive polling group, has Obama beating Romney 48%-42% nationally. 51% of all voters say they "somewhat approve" of Obama's job performance.

What's a dazed and highly confused political party, without a popular frontunner candidate, to do?

When in doubt....take more hostages. With the GOP's frontrunner trailing to Obama....what better way to damage Obama's lead than to do damage to the national economy, just like Republicans did in the debt ceiling standoff.

So, in the House....where Tea Freak Flags fly daily....GOP plans are under way to damage the economy through denying an extension of the payroll tax. Hey, if it hurts Americans, if it hurts the hurts Obama and helps Republicans.

Based on the latest data....Republicans need all the help they can get.



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