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Promises For The Rich

By The Reverend Published: November 15, 2007

The GOP frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani, is going all in with his baiting of far right primary voters. Heaped on top of his promises to start more wars against Muslim countries and kill more Muslim people comes the following on domestic issues....

He promised to end “ overspending by government, overtaxing by government, overregulating by government and oversuing” by Americans.

To cut government spending, Giuliani promised to replace only half of the federal workers expected to retire over the next eight to 10 years. He promised to retain the tax cuts put in place by the Bush administration. Those two actions, he said, would require that average Americans take more responsibility for their lives.

For example, he said the costs of health care have grown largely because most Americans get their coverage free or at low costs because they are a government employee or work for a major corporation. Giuliani would rather do away with all that and replace it with a tax exemption of about $15,000 a year so that people could buy their own insurance. Link

America is still in the middle of the largest tax cuts in our history, yet Rudy will cut even more.

America has just entered the "collapse" phase of a mortgage industry which is collapsing because not enough regulation and oversight was in place...yet Rudy wants to deregulate even more.

America, run from the federal level by Republicans the last 6 years, has rung up so much national debt during this time that the meter that tracks the debt literally shot through the roof, yet Rudy wants us to believe that he, another Republican, will bring all this under control.

But then Rudy adds insult to his pandering ignorance by promising tax credits for health insurance.

American's cannot afford health insurance because the policies are too expensive and those who do have insurance are still one serious illness away from bankruptcy....BUT.....Rudy wants to do away with all health insurance as a benefit and make everybody pay the going rate. He'll give us all a $15k per year tax credit. Where the $15k to buy the health insurance will come from....Rudy doesn't comment on.

And what about those whom health insurers simply will not cover because of pre-existing medical conditions. Not to worry. A president Rudy wants Americans to "take more responsibility for their lives". That statement echoes John

Boner Boehner's compassionate comment a while back where he stated "Americans should be in charge of their own health care".

Since 1980, America has had it's fill of supply side religionists with their 'sacrifice of the many for the few' dogma. In the past 27 years, the average working family has not gained economically, and because of the high inflation filled health care, education and energy industries, they're losing ground. The very rich are now the uber rich, the rich are now the very rich.....but working and middle class families?.....they're still where they were...treading water.

Rudy Guiliani wants to continue this trend and.....DEEPEN it. Many would call someone who spoke this way reckless or irresponsible.....the GOP calls him their frontrunner.



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