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By The Reverend Published: November 22, 2008

The Villagers, acting a bit more insane than normal, have a very serious, perhaps fatal, case of the vapors going on over Hillary and the Secretary of State position thingy. I'll be expressing my views about this soon after Obama's cabinet picks have been officially announced.....but until then....

On November 6th, The Reverend blogged this.....

"Obama's win is a clear mandate from American voters for our first black president to move forward on the policy initiatives he campaigned on.

Predictably, the Villagers and the obstructionists have already launched a new counter-meme in hopes of slowing Obama's progressive agenda.

Preposterously, these Village of the Damned Idiot People are insisting that our country is center-right and therefore Obama had better watch his liberal self while governing. Mind you, we just elected a black Illionois senator characterized by Republicans everywhere as the "most liberal senator in the Senate", we gave this liberal senator more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history, and he won the election by a very wide margin." Link

Have you been paying attention since the election to how often the claim, "we are a center-right nation".....has been..umm...claimed? I have. Others have too. It all makes The Reverend seem....I don't know....prophetic. Not really...but here's a guy who wrote prophetically about this before the election....

"... if Obama wins, expect more frantic talk from the fringe about how electing a black man billed as an Islamic Karl Marx obviously means our country is more conservative than ever. We'll also be treated to hysterical assertions like those from former Bush aide Peter Wehner, who this week told the Washington Post that "it is a mistake to assume that significant GOP losses, should they occur, are a referendum on conservatism." Link

Now David Sirota has a chart....

The chart above is a "Google stories" chart tracking "center-right nation" stories....before the election and after the election. It looks like even though ours is definitely NOT a center-right country, many writers want readers to think so, anyway. Which leads David Sirota to write this....

"The media has exponentially increased the amount of times it claims that this country is a "center-right nation" - at the very same time public opinion data shows the country is a decidedly center-left nation. In short, we have the two hard data points proving that as the country has become more progressive and validated its progressivism on election day, the media has increased its claims that the nation is conservative." Link

The question here is why is the media doing this? I would like commenters to tell me why the media has amplified the meme, "center-right nation", at the same time that the voters just voted overwhelmingly for the most progressive presidential candidate in modern times.

Here's my answer.....main media has developed an unhealthy knee-jerk reaction to accusations from the wingnut-right that media is "liberal." The media is not liberal, of is controlled by huge conservative monied interests......but in order to counter any and all accusations that they might be liberal....the media often overcompensates, siding with conservatives to "prove" they aren't in league with the (as bloggers say) the "dirty f*cking liberal hippies."

So, share with me your ideas.....why would the media attempt to saturate the earth with, "America is a center-right nation", stories.....immediately after Barack Obama, the most liberal senator in the Senate, won the presidency by a margin of 7 million votes, receiving almost 53% of the popular vote?

*Sidenote: What in the hell is up with the weather? I've never seen this long of a cold spell this early, not to mention the snowfall. I mean, what's up with all this? Is it those darn terrorists again?



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