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Prospects For Regulating Mass Murder Tools Bleak

By The Reverend Published: April 10, 2013

In the state of Yeehah yesterday, a 20 year old college student, Dylan Quick, went on a knifing spree at the Lone Star College campus in Cypress, northwest of Houston. Fourteen people were cut, two critically.....but as of this morning, no deaths.

Ask yourself.....if Mr. Quick had been brandishing an AR-15 or comparable, how many at that Texas Community College campus would be dead this morning?

The gun "debate" the country has allegedly been having since the Newtown tragedy will be over soon....and as expected....even a Senate bill which requires new background checks for gun purchases at gun shows, unlikely to pass. Even if the Senate squeaks out some watered-down background check bill....the chances of the Tea Party House passing anything are slim-to-none.

Upwards to 90% of Americans polled are in favor of universal background checks for all gun purchases....but national polls don't determine legislation, campaign cash does.

I have two further questions to ask on the topic of gun regulations. 1) What if Adam Lanza's mother couldn't have legally purchased the AR-15 used in the Newtown slaughter? 2) What if Adam Lanza did not have access to 30 round ammo-magazines?

The assualt weapons ban passed during Bill Clinton's presidency in 1994. Instead of renewing the ban in 2004, George W. Bush and a GOP Congress decided to allow the assault weapons ban to expire. Apparently, Lanza's mother purchased her Bushmaster after the assault weapons ban had expired. The weapon was purchased from Riverview Gun Sales in nearby East Windsor, Connecticut. The exact date of the purchase is still unknown.

Yes, Mrs. Lanza was a "gun enthusiast", (whatever that translates into today), and may have found a way to obtain a banned weapon even if the federal assault weapons ban had been renewed. But...maybe not. Absent the semi-automatic weapon with the 30 round clips, perhaps Adam Lanza wouldn't have been able to do so much damage so quickly....

Adam Lanza, fired a total of 152 bullets in less than 5 minutes, killing 20 young children and 6 adults. Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and had 30-round magazines. ......he only needed to reload his weapon four times before killing himself with a pistol.

Honest question deserving an honest answer: Without the rapid-fire AR-15 and the 30 round you believe that Lanza would have been able to wreak as much violent havoc as he did in such a short time frame? Before answering, remember the Texas-knifing story I opened with at the top.


According to a 2011 survey of gun dealers by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 49 percent of AR-15-style rifles were purchased for target shooting, 23 percent for hunting, and 28 percent for personal protection.

Does the 2nd amendment guarantee citizens the right to a semi-automatic rifle and 30 bullet clips to...."shoot targets and hunt"? Seventy two percent of AR-15 's purchased are purchased for one of those two reasons. Constitutionally guaranteed? I think not.

Further still....about the 30 bullet clips....

Nicole Hockley, mother of child killed in Newtown....

"We have learned that in the time it took him (Lanza) to reload in one of the classrooms, 11 children were able to escape. We ask ourselves every day — every minute — if those magazines had held 10 rounds, forcing the shooter to reload at least six more times, would our children be alive today?"

How many more children at Newtown could have excaped with their lives if Lanza had to reload after every 10 rounds instead of 30?

The 30 round clips that Jared Loughner used when he tried to assassinate Gabrielle Giffords would have been illegal to buy if the assualt weapons ban of 1994 had not been allowed to expire. Furthermore, Loughner was eventually wrestled to the ground, but only when he was forced to reload. Enough seconds for bystanders to jump him without being killed themselves.

Whatever comes out of Congress....and I don't expect much, if anything at all....outside of military and law enforcement personnel, no American has a constitutional right to a semi-automatic weapon capable of such slaughter in such a short time. The same goes for the 30 bullet clips.

Opponents of slaughter-weapon regulations lamely and nihilistically argue that no matter what laws are written, criminals will not obey them......which seems to me like an argument for the abolishment of all laws. But make no mistake here, without military-style assault weapons capable of firing 152 bullets in lest than five minutes....without 30 shot magazines......more teachers and 1st graders in Newtown, and more bystanders in Arizona would be alive today.




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