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Purposely Killing Job Growth

By The Reverend Published: September 8, 2012

Republicans cheered when the August jobs number came out yesterday. Not because the number was a good number, but because it was not so good. 90,000, plus or minus, new hires in August is better than a negative number but not enough to make a dent in the sea of currently unemployed.

But it was very good news for Republicans intent on damaging the economy and job growth, just enough, so voters will kick President Obama out of the White House.

Think Progress points out that it was one year ago that Republicans, presented with an opportunity to increase job growth....worked as one to stop more jobs from being created leading up to Obama's re-election.

The American Jobs Act was strategically blocked by Republicans in order to keep job growth at a minimum leading up to the general election. Yes, Republicans are now pointing and blaring like pod-people that President Obama has failed to bring jobs back fast enough.....but that's half the fun of a cynical, deceptive, do-anything, hostage taking, political party a few years away from extinction.

From Think Progress...

The plan (American Jobs Act) included stimulus spending in the form of immediate infrastructure investments, tax credits for working Americans and employers to encourage consumer spending and job growth, and efforts to shore up state and local budgets to prevent further layoffs of teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other public safety officials.

How many jobs would it have created leading up to this November's general election?....

–Moody’s Analytics estimated the American Jobs Act would create 1.9 million jobs and add two percent to gross domestic product.

–The Economic Policy Institute estimated it would create 2.6 million jobs and protect an addition 1.6 million existing jobs.

–Macroeconomic Advisers predicted it would create 2.1 million jobs and boost GDP by 1.5 percent.

–Goldman Sachs estimated it would add 1.5 percent to GDP.

The American Jobs Act received a majority of votes in the Senate...51...but Republicans require 60 votes to break a filibuster when Democrats have control of the White House and/or the they stopped jobs from being created by a Democratic president they despise in the hopes that unemployment numbers would not drop any lower before the election.

Republicans looked at how many Americans were unemployed and didn't see the people who were suffering for lack of a job, but instead, they saw a political opportunity to defeat a sitting president. The GOP is patriotic that way.

Usually, when I lay down the truth about how today's Republicans are basically traitors to the people of the U.S.....for example: creating a debt crisis by refusing to extend borrowing power, and then blaming Obama for the S&P downgrade.....or: filibustering legislation that would have created over a million jobs by now, and then blaming Obama for our tepid employment numbers.....what I hear back from those who vote Republican is a variation of "we can't afford to borrow or spend any more money."

With borrowing rates at almost zero and the 10 year T-Bill yielding an amazingly low 1.6% because demand for our debt is so great.....with unemployment at over 8% and inflation in check....

we can't afford NOT to borrow more money to stimulate a slowly-recovering economy.

Of course, Republicans know this....and that is exactly why they stuck their chins out one year ago blocking any attempts by Obama and the Democrats to put more people back to work.

So, as we get closer to November 6th.....we will, undoubtedly, be hearing the R&R surrogates, the liars of corporate media, and/or GOP elected officials spewing forth cynical and disgusting bile about "where are the jobs, Mr. President?"

The answer to that question is: "Republicans killed them.....that's where they are." Those jobs are dead and lying motionless on the floor of the Senate where Republicans killed them in order to make President Obama a "one term president."




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