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Questions About The Blago Arrest

By The Reverend Published: January 2, 2009

Happy 2009.

I've been thinking about the Blago case and I just can't come up with an answer to this question....

Why did prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald arrest Illinois Governor Blagojevich when he did?

If it is true that Fitzgerald, working on the Blago case for FIVE years, wasn't prepared, really, to arrest the governor and bring charges until the spring of 2009.....why did he pull the trigger, pre-emptively, arresting Governor F-Word months earlier than he had planned?

According to my reading on the subject, Fitz had heard, either through eavesdropping or from other sources, that Blago was actively selling the open senate seat vacated by president-elect Obama. Fitzgerald, as the story goes, didn't want Blago to consummate an alleged pay-to-play deal for that senate seat.

Why not? What was Fitzgerald thinking here? Fitz is supposed to be a very smart guy. Didn't he know that simply arresting Blago would not stop him from appointing the vacant senate seat, anyway? Did Fitz not know that impeachment by the Illinois legislature was the only way to remove the threat of this Blago appointment....and that that process would likely take months? Surely, the 'bulldog', Fitzgerald, knew these things.

Hypothetically then....let's say Blago had been allowed to follow through with his pay-to-play senate seat appointment. Wouldn't it be true, with the wiretaps and all, that Fitzgerald would have gained even more corruption evidence on Blago....AND the senate seat appointee, as well? What would have been wrong with that?

If it was prosecutor Fitzgerald's intention, in arresting Blago when he did, to prevent any "taint" from developing on the senate seat has that intention worked out? Wasn't that Governor Blagojevich appointing Obama's replacement the other day? And, despite bloviating Democratic leaders, isn't it true that consensus opinion has now formed around the fact that Blago has every legal right to fill Obama's empty seat?

Additionally, absent some yet to emerge pay-to-play scam between Blago and Burris, isn't it true that Roland Burris hasn't done anything wrong? So, why would Burris' appointment be regarded as tainted? If a person has a criminal complaint brought against him, as Blago has, does that mean that EVERYTHING he does after that point in time is, by definition, illegal or tainted?

So, what was Patrick Fitzgerald thinking when he pre-emptively arrested Governor Blagojevich? What was Fitzgerald doing when he publicly read selective Blago wiretap dialogue potentially biasing Illinois jurors? Quite candidly......I don't get it.

It couldn't possibly be that Fitzgerald was doing anything political, right? Isn't Fitzgerald regarded, like the Divine General Petraeus, to be totally above reproach?

At the risk of sounding like, you know, a you think that Patrick Fitzgerald knew, before arresting Blago, that in so doing, he would be creating a Knee Pad Media swarm hell-bent on implicating President-Elect Obama, despite his own statement that Obama was not implicated? And isn't that what has happened? It's not like the Knee Padders haven't already had a lot of practice with their 'Obama is guilty by association' attempts.

I'm having difficulty in not comparing this alleged scandal with the Clintons' Whitewater alleged scandal. Although the Clintons lost money on a real estate deal, and were never found guilty of ANYTHING Whitewater related.....the perception of wrongdoing by the Clintons, because of Knee Pad Swarmers armed with only their Knee Pads, dogged Bill Clinton's entire presidency. While acknowledging that the Blago case is different, is it possible that...

Fitzgerald was siccing the dogs on Obama?



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