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By The Reverend Published: July 20, 2013

Under the headline: "Police: Men beat jogger in retaliation of Zimmerman verdict", WLOX13 explains....

Police are investigating a physical attack from three men who assaulted a jogger in retaliation of the verdict given in the George Zimmerman trial.

Problem here is.....the claim is not true...

Emergency dispatch tapes released Tuesday describe racial motivations for the attack Sunday near Patterson Park, which police say was perpetrated by a group of black youths.

None of them (the tapes) refer to the Florida trial of George Zimmerman,....

But who needs evidence when pre-conceived notions will do just fine?.....

“[W]here’s the president?” Hannity asked. “Look what happened, the Baltimore Sun reporting that a number—a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man in Patterson Park Sunday. And what did they say? ‘This is for Trayvon.’” was also very excited over this story.....even though, like many of stories.....the story was totally incorrect.

This little news story is a prime example of how disgruntled, conservative media whites often bait their audiences by using race. So desperate to bait whites using, yes, the race-card, that "professionals" like Fox's Sean Hannity can't wait for the truth to be explained by authorities before concluding that three black males in Mississippi who beat up a Hispanic male did so because of the Zimmerman verdict. A total fabrication.

Having taken sides in the Zimmerman case long before the case was adjudicated, Mr. Hannity, one of the most prominent liars in conservative media, was hoping to give his angry white audience a twofer of smug satisfaction following the Zimmerman acquittal. Hannity's thinking: 'Not only were the liberals wrong about the case but, just like many whites on the conservative side of things had predicted, black Americans were now "rioting" and "retaliating" following a "not guilty" verdict.' The Mississippi story the proof that vindicated their predictions. Even if the story was a fabrication.

What's worse....while people like Hannity search for puzzle pieces they can trim to fit their conclusions....many conservative-media whites have the 'nads to charge President Obama with dividing the country along racial lines by his comments yesterday carefully explaining what every black American today already understands.....when it comes to law enforcement, sentencing, profiling, presumptions of guilt, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, etc.....the black experience in America is not the same as the white experience in America.

Projection has been a serious problem for today's conservatives. However, I don't think it takes a scientist, rocket or otherwise, to comprehend where the race-baiting has been coming from recently.

Sean Hannity has made it easy for Americans to properly identify those who are working hard to "divide the nation along racial lines."

White conservatives.



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