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Rand Paul & The Civil Rights Act

By The Reverend Published: May 20, 2010

Yesterday, my friend Da King, put up a blog post concerning this November's GOP senatorial candidate from Kentucky, Rand Paul. King included many of Rand Paul's policy positions, which I appreciated,...however, King concluded his Paul post in a kind of all-or-nothing way....

Anybody see any crazy radical ideas there ???? I submit that anyone who does consider these ideas to be radical is himself/herself the radical one.

I wish today's politics were that simple. They're not. Modern American politics are nuanced. Politicians often conveniently avoid policy position elaborations if those elaborations might get that politician in media hot water.

Here's a rather lengthy interview that Rachel Maddow had with Rand Paul last night. If you are pressed for time...start at the 11 minute mark.

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I think it's clear from that interview that when it comes to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Rand Paul supports virtually all of the provisions, except for prohibiting private businesses from discriminating against certain customers if they so choose. Paul attempts to make the argument over the free speech rights of private business owners.

Perhaps readers can help me here. It sounds like Rand Paul is saying that if a private business owner puts up a sign in his establishment prohibiting service to this or that group of people (Asians, blacks, women, youth, etc).....any governmental law prohibiting putting up that sign is a violation of that private business owner's right to exercise free speech. Paul makes a distinction between public, governmental discrimination.....which he says is always wrong....and private business discrimination....which he seems to say is a business owner's right to do.

If that's Paul's position, then....sorry, I don't agree.....and I highly doubt whether the majority of Americans would agree either.

The Tea Partyers are proud that Rand Paul, a Tea Party candidate, won the Kentucky GOP senate primary. Good for them. My friend, King, said that Paul's primary win was, "The Freedom Movement Scor(ing)."


However, between now and November, Paul's positions on the Civil Rights Act, the Disabilities Act, etc., should be flushed out so that voters know what the stakes would be in putting Rand Paul in a U.S. Senate seat.



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