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Re-Declaring Our Independence

By The Reverend Published: July 4, 2010

In 1776 it was all about declaring independence from an occupying colonial power.

In 2010, it should be all about declaring independence from this....

We are a nation at war with itself, divided and conquered by large financial interests which fight with their millions in corporate welfare benefits to prevent our government from bettering the lives of the vast majority of our citizens.

Before, and during, the last Great Depression, Americans also had to fight occupiers, ......"large financial interests" colonial powers....

Let's look at Roosevelt's predecessor, Herbert Hoover. Hoover was strongly against any direct aid to the poor, fearing that the poor would become demoralized. The Republican Congress, likewise, was against any national scheme to aid the poor. The United States was the only industrial power with no system of social security. No system of national unemployment. No minimum wage law, no national labor laws of any kind. No aid for the elderly or the disabled. Looking back at that America it is like looking into almost medieval proportions.
Before the New Deal, the elderly were the poorest demographic in the country. When you got too old to work, you lived on your savings, and if you didn't have savings you starved or lived on charity or with your children. America was mainly rural then with most people living on farms, so those elderly worked until the day they died. Healthcare existed only for the rich and hospitals were a cash affair except for the "charity ward". If you were sick or injured you went home and you either got better or you died. There was no public health service. Hypothermia was the second leading cause of death for the elderly and pneumonia was the first. In Detroit in 1932 two people an hour died of starvation; in Toledo unemployment was at 70%.

Make no mistake. Americans in the 20's and 30's were fighting the same colonial occupying forces of "large financial interests" that we are still fighting today in 2010.

Just as in the 20's and 30's, in 2010, Republicans and conservative Democrats are siding with the occupying forces of "large financial interests."

Americans need to, once again, declare their independence from the occupying colonial powers of "large financial interests." Not by wearing hats adorned with hanging teabags and shouting "I want my country back" from the elected officals my country elected.....but by declaring, today, that we will not elect any more Democrats or Republicans who, more often than not, work for today's new occupying, colonial forces.

Have a great Fourth.



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