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"REALLY Angry"

By The Reverend Published: March 5, 2009

Watch the first minute of the following video featuring the StraightTalker, John McCain,.....

"My constituents are REALLY angry," losing presidential candidate, John McCain, said yesterday. "When they see this type of corruption taking place, with the misuse and corruption of their tax dollars that they work so hard for. Yeah, they're angry, and I'm hearing from them by the thousands."

Last November, McCain heard from tens of millions of Americans who didn't want him as their president, choosing Barack Obama instead.

Looking to find his pre-2008 presidential campaign mojo, which had always kept his base, the media, under a "straight talk express" voodoo spell, the Arizona senator returned to his old ways, as Chris Cilizza stated cynically, yet correctly....

"I love the return of the old John McCain, the more 'in sadness' than 'in anger' tone that he has."

John McCain is sad and angry, and his constituents are REALLY angry.

About what?

The $410 billion Omnibus bill. The bill has already passed in the House and awaits passage in the Senate. Which explains yesterday's faux-anger theater by the "sad" John McCain.

What is the Omnibus bill? The Politico...

The giant measure covers more than a dozen Cabinet departments and represents unfinished business from last fall, when Democrats and the Bush administration were at loggerheads over domestic spending.

What "unfinished business?" What "loggerheads over domestic spending?"

November 18, 2008, CongressDaily...

Federal government programs are being funded through a continuing resolution (CR) Congress approved in late September that expires March 6. Democrats opted to fund the government through a CR after President Bush said that he would veto any appropriations bills topping the levels recommended in his fiscal 2009 budget.

During debate on the CR Sept. 25, House Appropriations Chairman David Obey, D-Wis., said Bush sought to cut $14 billion from domestic programs, including research funding at the National Institutes of Health and low-income aid for home heating. Rather than capitulate, said Obey, "we would kick the can down the road ... so that if we have a president that will negotiate" some of that funding could be preserved.

The Reverend is aware of the GOP's extremely low approval ratings, now somehwere around 24%, and I am also fully aware of the recent Wingnut War skirmishes provoked by the Comedien-King. John McCain is too.

What can a disapproved-of political party facing a Comedien-King-led Attempt to distract us away from their embarassing and ugly insurgency, an insurgency which has already wounded the GOP's in-title-only leader, the hip-hopper, Michael

Why do I call McCain's, and the GOP's, "anger and sadness" over the Omnibus bill, a distraction?

John Heileman of New York Magazine, on Hardball....

"This stuff is such small potatoes compared to the stuff that's on the president's agenda."

The Omnibus bill amounts to $410 billion. It should have been passed last fall. Of the $410 billion, only $7.7 billion consists of earmarks. That is less than 2% of the total bill. Less than 2%. Additionally, those less-than-2%-of-the-total bill earmarks are transparent. Americans have easy access to discover the who, what, and where in those earmarks. Furthermore, those transparent, less-than-2%-of-the-total bill, earmarks will stimulate economic activity and job growth in the states that receive them.

That is what the "straight-talker" calls "corruption." That is what John McCain is so angry and sad about. Small potatoes, small ball.

Some of McCain's former base, main media, however, were quickly re-hypnotized by the small potatoes, straight-talking, voodoo-anger-and-sadness, theater.

Chris Matthews' fell immediately under the phony spell....

"Don't you think the DOW would stop dropping if we had a president who would stop signing pork bills?"

"Let's listen to John McCain, I think he has a really good point here. He lost the election. I don't think he lost this argument."

"Well, guys are cynical. I don't care if he lost the election, he's right on this one."

Once re-hypnotized, revisionism is never far behind...

"The argument made this past campaign was that we had irresponsible spending the last eight years."

Perhaps this was "the argument" conservatives and Republicans were having amongst themselves, as they sought, in predictable deathbed-confession style, to finally distance themselves from the hated Bush-Cheney regime. But I'm sorry Angry Johnny and Re-Hypnotized Chrissy....earmarks never, ever were "the argument" of the last election cycle.

Yes, we all know the GOP is angry...and sad. Angry and sad because they have become a pathetic minority, without power, without new ideas, and continually ravaged now by the insurgency led by Comedien-King.

But..... Republicans, could you at least spare us the embarassing, imbecilic, "we're mad" theater? It's all just so transparently stupid.



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