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Red Lines & Liars

By The Reverend Published: April 9, 2014

Remember the "red line" that President Obama declared couldn't be crossed by Syrian leader Assad? Obama's domestic political opponents remember it. I still hear neo-cons and Foxians mocking the Obama "red line" comment as evidence of how "weak" the president is in his foreign policy dealings. Like this from the Wall Street Journal....'s no coincidence that Mr. Putin asserted himself in Ukraine not long after Mr. Obama retreated in humiliating fashion from his "red line" in Syria.

"retreated in humiliating fashion".....U.S. warmongerers wanted war. They could barely restrain themselves, drooling over the prospect of Obama ordering the shock and awe to begin anew over Syria. Some folks claimed Assad had used sarin gas against his own people.......during a civil war Assad's forces were winning handily. It didn't make any sense....but there were claims.

....the four-page “Government Assessment” of the case against the Syrian government contained not a single piece of evidence that could be checked independently. It was filled with “we assess” this and “we assess” that. To this day, the Obama administration has not released a shred of evidence that could be examined and evaluated.

Instead, the propaganda approach has been the old tactic of repeating an unproven assertion again and again, knowing that if a charge is declared with sufficient certitude often enough, the weak-minded will simply begin treating it as accepted wisdom. That’s especially easy when the target of the accusations has been thoroughly demonized as is the case with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

If that all sounds is because it is familiar. The path to George W. Bush's action of aggression against Iraq followed the identical steps. But with Syria, at the last moment, Obama had a change of heart about launching the Tomahawks and sending the B-52's. The president decided to get congressional approval, like W. did when he misled the nation into attacking Iraq......the appetite in Congress for another war was iffy....and Vlad Putin became the 'man with a plan' on how to rid Assad's military of all chemical weapons. War was averted.

All of that took place because of Obama's issuance of his "red line" warning. The U.S. would not get involved militarily in Syria's civil war unless Assad crossed the chemical weapons-use "red line." Today, Obama is mocked for not following through on his "red line" threat.

The truth is, however, that Assad's forces did not use chemical weapons. John Kerry and President Obama's rush to judgment early on almost led to another disastrous military attack on a middle eastern that neo-conservative players had in their sights for years.

If you have genuine interest in learning what went down in Syria concerning sarin gas...and who used it if, indeed, it was used....and why.....then go here and read Robert Parry's short piece. If you really want to find out who the bad actors in the Syrian saga are, who came within an eyelash of baiting the world's lone superpower into yet another misguided military adventure....then go here and read Sy Hersh's latest article.

After you read those two pieces, you may begin to understand how out-of-control our political-media complex has become. Just like during the run-up to invading Iraq, nothing we learned from corporate media or the Obama White House about the Syrian story has proven to be factual.

Americans are finding out what it was like for the former Soviet population to be misled and lied to by their leaders and their media on a daily basis.

Saddam had no truck with al-Qaeda, had nothing to do with 9-11, and possessed no WMD. Yet, Americans were fooled into believing just the opposite. A decade later, that same tragic-comedy of wrongness almost repeated itself in Syria.

How long will it be before those same U.S. political-media forces create a calamity we can't recover, say, a war with Russia?



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