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"Refudiate" This

By The Reverend Published: July 20, 2010

Or..Say it ain't so, you bin-Laden Schmoes.

Sarah, keeping it real...

Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn't it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate

Mrs. Palin took it upon her Mama Grizzly change the narrative of Tea Party racism towards blacks, into, apparently, Tea Party bigotry of Muslims.

See? The NAACP called on the Tea Partiers to reject the racist element in their midst....something which Tea Party leaders responded to by sh*tcanning Mark Williams, now former chairman of the Tea Party Express. Credit where credit is due...and all that.

However, Sarah loves herself some Tea Party...or at least the money she gets from Tea Partiers....and being the feisty

opportunistic bitch patriot that she is.....she couldn't help but speak up in true counter insurgency NAACP fashion.....calling on all "peaceful Muslims" to "refudiate" all plans for a mosque and community center to be built two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood.

I can't go into the pettiness of conservative whining over the building of said mosque and community center, except to say that when it comes to shiny, sparkly objects of mass stupidity.....many conservatives simply can't look away.

Instead of some petty, vengeful "refudiation" of some religious building near the old Twin Towers site.....I have some recommmendations for conservatives on what is badly in need of some real "refutiatin'".

How about peaceful American conservatives "refutiating" the heartless voting by Republicans in Congress to deny unemployment checks to still-laid off American workers? How about that?

Or maybe the "real Americans" whom the Lipsticked Pit Bull represents out there in the "heartland" (it's always the heartland, isn't it?) could "refudiate" the jihadist Republican notion that deep tax cuts for America's richest citizens don't need to be offset with spending cuts.....but the miniscule unemployment checks do? How about "refutiating" that?

How about peaceful American Republicans and conservatives "refutiating" the asinine notion (by over 50%) that President Barack Obama is an undocumented Executive Branch worker in need of deportation? How about "refutiating" that?

In worse need of some "real American" "refutiatin'" might think at the conservative Republican strategy to defend America's biggest terrorists.....Banksters and Big Oil. Instead of standing up for those real Americans out there in the heartland devastated by the destructive strike against our country orchestrated in secrecy by conniving economic-imams hiding out in the caves of Wall Street...Republicans have rushed to not only defend the rights of Banksters to continue to terrorize real Americans, but have voted AGAINST any attempts to curb economic violence from home grown Bankster terrorists.

Same is true with Big Oil. Big Oil is in need of some "refutiating".....after, you know, tar pitting the Gulf of Mexico. But no......instead of a sensible moratorium on deep water drilling in light of our new national tar pit formation.....the man who will be Speaker, if Republicans retake the House this November 2nd......called for a moratorium on all new government regulations.

Now, you would think a Lipsticked Mama Grizzly Pit Bull version of Shakespeare might think about "refutiatin'" ole' John of Orange (Boehner from Ohio) or BP Joe Barton (I Apologize-TX) for siding with them-there homegrown eco-terrorists.....but alas, the Wasillastan Wolf Killer reserves her "refutiatin'" advice for bigger jihadist fish, like American "peaceful Muslims."

Finally, Sister Sarah of Twitter, you about "refutiating" the cruel and unusual notion of Tea Party colleagues who are running for the U.S Senate (Sharron Angle) who insist that an under age girl raped and inpregnated by her father should simply make "lemonade" out of that lemon situation.....and bear her own father's child, a child conceived during an act of unmitigated domestic terrorism?

Refutiate any of that? Oh heavens no.

But a 100 year old American organization ....the NAACP.....and those alleged "peaceful Muslims"?

You goddamn betcha'.



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