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"Regular" Folks Are White

By The Reverend Published: July 8, 2008

I caught just enough of Chris Matthews program, "Hardball", on MSNBC, last night to hear this....

"They're the working-class white voters Hillary Clinton won and Barack didn't. Can Obama now win over the regular folks, white folks, against John McCain? We'll ask the strategists. You're watching Hardball." Link

I've been told...and quite often....that Matthews is a Democratic partisan. After watching Matthews for over a decade.....I disagree.

I've mentioned before how the Knee Pad Industry, masquerading as main media, is establishment friendly, which means the media has a centrist-to-right bias. The establishment powers are deathly afraid of a Barack Obama presidency....because Obama has promised to fight those powers in support of, you know, the people. A Village Knee Pad Chris Matthews.....knows that means his muti-millionaire salary will take a hit from Obama's ending of Bush's egregious tax cuts for the rich.

What to do?

Rewind and replay.

See, Obama, according to establishment loving Knee Padders, while running against Hillary, just couldn't get those Appalachian votes. In many states, you know, like Iowa, Obama won primaries because, like, white people voted for him. But towards the end of the Democratic primary, when Appalachian voters turned towards Hillary, mainstream media, McCain's base, continually regurgitated the pukish-colored lie that Obama couldn't win the white, working class voters. Many state primaries demonstrated that this was all just so much hokum....but the Knee Pad slurpers insisted on continuing the deception.

Chris Matthews was one of the scoundrels during the primaries who pushed the 'white, working class voters won't vote for Obama', deception.

Now with his man-crush object..John Sydney McCain III,....looking like he's in a campaign tailspin, with the emphasis on 'spin", Chris Matthews has returned to the phony "white, working class voters won't vote for Obama" focus.

This time though, Chrissy showed his racist feelings. Possibly inadvertently, but whatever.

"Can Obama win over the regular folks, the white folks..."

What would "regular folks" look like? Would they really be white? Would that mean that non-white folks are not regular folks....but instead irregular? And what would be the characteristics of "irregular" folks? Furthermore, what would a child of a mixed race family be? Semi-irregular?

Sadly, white supremacy thinking is still very prevalent in America. White supremacy thinking goes hand in hand with "American exceptionalism" thinking. Chris Matthews is simply giving us a tidbit of this type of thinking when he says that "regular folks" are, in fact, "white folks". America was taken away from the Indians through a slow genocide process at the hands of.....white folks. But I guess the Indians were not "regular folks" it was all perfectly legitimate. Blacks, of course, brought to America in chains to serve the "white, regular folks", were always considered irregular.....because they weren't white.

The same can be said about those other irregular folks, Hispanics. Hey, they aren't "regular folks" because as any Republican can plainly see....Hispanics are not white. White folks are "regular folks".

The Reverend has a question for Chris Matthews and those who think like Chris Matthews.

When those working in Knee Pad MediaLand say stuff like Matthews said last night, are they being "regular assholes"? Or irregular? And then another question comes to mind....can McCain maintain his voter base which consists of "regular media assholes?"

Those are the relevant questions that need answered.



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