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Religion Deserves No Deference

By The Reverend Published: February 9, 2012

Deference: "respectful submission or yielding to the judgment, opinion, will, etc. of another"

As I read this yesterday, I was reminded of the misplaced deference still paid to religious leaders by Americans and American Leaders at the beginning of the 21st century.

In the short NY Times piece we find Cardinal Egan in 2002 saying that "mistakes may have been made" by the Catholic Church over their institution's child-rape-priest-ring. Today, 10 years later, Egan says of his admission of "mistakes".."I should never have said that, I don't think we did anything wrong."

Egan's reversal, coincidentally, proves that god does not exist. Surely, if a god existed, that god would have struck the double-talking, arrogant, sanctimonious, child-rape-complicit, Cardinal dead mid-sentence.

In the national faux-outrage ContraceptionGate skerfuffle currently ruffling the feathers of religious Leaders in the U.S......Bishops of a worldwide cult, a cult whose priests were raping and molesting underage children for decades in the U.S. and Europe....Bishops who did nothing....and in several cases simply moved pedophile priests to a new source to fuel their deviancy....are shouting loudly that President Obama must defer to their moral authority about contraception.

I'm tempted to say "Christ on a cracker" in response...but I'll restrain myself.

In light of the priest-child-rape scandals, why would anyone defer to the moral judgment of any Catholic Leaders? On what basis would anyone look to Catholic Leaders as moral authorities? Catholicism's perverted and twisted doctrines of original sin, the inferiority of women, the perpetual virginity of Mother Mary, basic human sexuality and priestly celibacy all go into the Catholic cauldron of doctrinal chaos and confusion which has produced or attracted pedophile employees in the first place.

Make no mistake here about what I'm saying. It is not Catholic members I am railing is Catholic Leadership. If covering up for, denying, and relocating pedophile priests after "scandals" erupted over multiple molestation evidence that moral authority deference should continue to be given to Catholic Leaders....then we might as well close up shop and sign the place over to Lucifer right now.

Faith, and people of faith, should never be deferred to by the leaders or population of a secular nation. Ever.

And yet, when it comes to the monstrously evil acts of pedophile priests and their employers, that's exactly what has happened. Americans know the evil which Catholic Leaders tolerated and prolonged....and still, today, right now, our political discourse over contraception requirements pretends that these oh-so-moral men "of faith" should still be deferred to as uniquely-qualified vessels of "moral authority."

It's enough to nauseate a maggot.

Men of faith are men who base their entire worldview on invisible beings and folklore. To defer to these men of faith on issues of morality would be like deferring to the judgment of a person suffering from mental illness. A mentally-ill person often sees beings who are invisible, hears voices no one else hears. Yet, the idea of deferring on moral issues to a schitzophrenic would be seen as irresponsible and crazy.

Come, let us reason together....

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that their invisible god, Jehovah, prohibits human blood transfusions(Old Testament..."the life is in the blood"). Imagine that JW's operated a number of medical facilities and universities which employed many non-JW's. President Obama orders all health insurance plans in the federal exchanges to cover....blood transfusions. Obama makes no special carve out exception for JW-run facilities. Jehovah Witness Leaders claim that Obama's order violates their "right of conscience." JW Leaders claim that Obama's order to cover blood transfusions, without co-pay, in all health plans offered to JW-employees, forces JW's to "violate their consciences" by spending employee benefit money on insurance which covers a medical procedure they regard as evil.

Would Obama's order to JW-run institutions to offer blood transfusion-coverage be a violation of the first amendment rights of Jehovah's Witnesses?

Would it be okay for the JW cult to be paid it's due deference over blood transfusions in health care plans because JW's are people of faith? Should a "conscience" exception be granted to JW's giving them a special right to exclude themselves from offering blood transfusions in health insurance benefits to non-JW employees?

In the light of numerous similar conservative Boner-like blusterings over Catholics and contraception, if JW Leaders wouldn't be deferred to over blood transfusions....why should Catholic Leaders be deferred to over birth control?



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