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Repeating Lies And Swearing To Them

By The Reverend Published: August 5, 2009

A while ago, I blogged about what appeared to me to be the Republican strategy to counter a popular Democratic president and a firm Democratic majority in Congress.....just say a lot of crazy sh*t.

From my February 24, 2009 blog post....

The current Republican members of Congress have decided to find relevancy by saying wild-eyed, batsh*t crazy stuff. The wilder and crazier the stuff they say, the more relevant they believe they become.

That's their plan.

When all your policies have failed, when your governing capabilities have stunk up the country like a rotted corpse… do you get the media's attention? How can you ever be noticed again?

Talk crazy talk.

And that was before the "birther" nonsense hit critical wingnut-mass.

But if crazy talk is spoken in a forest, will anyone hear it? It takes a village of Village Knee Padders to make sure that any Republican or conservative crazy talk is heard.

We now know that the town hall shout downs have been organized strategically by health industry lobbyists. The main profiteers of the health care status quo have co-opted the incoherent Tea-Party movement to do the crazy talk work for them. That way, you see, dishonest corporate media Villagers can point to those crazy-talking shouters....give them plenty of repetitive video looping exposure, you know, acting and talking crazy.....and then say stuff like this....

The town hall shout downs, Rush says...." is not ginned up, it's genuine, it's real."

Of course, that's a lie. So, other Villagers go ahead and swear to it...

MSNBC's Chris Matthews: What do you make of this firestorm that's going on across the country. We've got pictures from Texas and Long Island and Philly. Every time a congressman calls a town meeting now, the people show up and it's like -- I don't know --- it's like Iran! It's like the streets of Tehran!

Chris Matthews: Let me just speak real fast to the passion we're seeing at some of these town hall rallies. It seems to me that for the first time we're seeing maybe even in four years, we're finally seeing some real fire and some real passion. You didn't see it last year during the McCain campaign. I think folks now are finally fired up.

Nothing from Chrissy on who is behind the orchestrated anti-health reform crazy talk. He simply swears to the lie that these shout-down sessions are legitimate grassroots outrage.

Politico's Jonathan Martin: The, those polarizing issues, the issue about euthanasia, however credible it might be, the abortion issue, are causing Democrats problems right now because the average American hears those things and they sort of flinch, whether or not they're true or not and that's what slowing this bill down are these kinds of flash point issues out there that Republicans are exploiting.'s freak, Jonathan Martin, doesn't care if any of the crazy talk is "credible." It's not his job to tell audiences what is true or false.....hell, he's a's not his job. Apparently, his job is to repeat Republican crazy sh*t talk and then swear that the crazy sh*t talk is working....for anti-health care forces.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell: AB, does it matter if these protests are organized or spontaneous? I mean, isn't it true that it's just the video that ends up on the local news that does the damage here?

The Hill's eye-candy AB Stoddard: It doesn't matter at all, and the fact is that the only goal for the Republicans right now is to scare people off this,

Why, heavens no, "it doesn't matter at all" whether the media's coverage is all based on the lie that the shout-down sessions are spontaneous or ginned up by industry lobbyists, the preening AB Hill says. And by god, she ain't gonna tell you the truth one way or the other about it...."doesn't matter."

But the crazy sh*t-talk prize goes to this guy for not only swearing to the Village lie about town hall spontaneity....but adding a new lie of his own....

Michael Smerconish: People are hot. I sense it in the phone calls that I get every day. I think they're very nervous about what's going to come out of this debate about national health care, and Chris if I've heard once in the last couple of days, I've heard it 50 times: "if they can't get cash for clunkers straight, what in the world are they going to do with my national health insurance?"

Smerconish "senses it". Town hall shout-downs are being choreographed by health industry forces, yet Smerconish swears to the lie that they're not, because he "senses it"

One final WTF moment on the Smerconish quote. The cash for clunkers program, the work of Ohio's Betty Sutton, has been wildly successful. That's the freaking reason why the money appropriated for the program ran out so quickly. It worked. Yet, Villager Mikey, in a truly ignorant attempt at comparison, asserts that the Democratic cash for clunkers program wasn't kept "straight" and, surely, we don't want to have health care reform done by the same guys who came up with a wildly successful program like that!



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