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Republicans Are Really, Really Tough On Earmarks

By The Reverend Published: August 3, 2007


Mitch McConnell (R-KY...Senate Minority Leader) is not one of The Reverend's favorite Senators. That good ol' down home twang of his is just.....I don't cheesy sounding. And of course there's all those filibusters he's directed. So when good ol' Mitch said this about yesterday's passing of a Senate ethics bill, I had a good laugh on the Kentucky Kornpone....

"This bill isn't nearly as tough as it would have been on earmarks if Republicans had been involved in writing it," McConnell said. "But weighing the good and the bad, many provisions are stronger than current law." Source

From a 2006 article comes this oh-so-righteous-and-ethical account of "tough on earmarks" Republican, Mitchy....(is it OK if I call you Mitchy?)....McConnell....

The past week, the Lexington Herald Leader has been running a well-researched profile of soon-to-be Republican leader Mitch McConnell. Yesterday, the fourth part of the series highlighted a former McConnell staffer, Hunter Bates, who has managed to rake in more than $2 million in lobbying fees since leaving his position as McConnell's Chief of Staff.

The article has plenty of examples of well-connected clients getting earmarks, including one of the most amusing.

In 2005, a Kentucky group called Voice for Humanity was awarded an $8.3 million contract from USAID to distribute 65,800 ipod-like mp3 recorders to the Afghanistan countryside. McConnell chairs the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that controls the foreign aid budget, and Voice for Humanity had hired Bates. Senate lobbyist records show VfH paid Bates $240,000 through the end of 2005. Link

Here are a couple of other links that flesh out that courageous ethical toughness so inherent in everything Republican these days.

More here....and here.



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