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Republicans Dance Because Of Fear

By The Reverend Published: January 19, 2011

Why are House Republicans pressing the issue of repealing health care reform legislation when they surely know their efforts will fail?

The answer is found in two words....Tea Party.

The House Republicans are going through the motions to repeal health care reform purely for the Tea Party Puppet Theater value, as it were.

Tea Partiers are still very, very upset with how our democratic process works. Well....not upset so much over how the process works, but, rather, upset over the results produced as the democratic process worked itself out over the last couple of years.

Because the Tea Party is so very upset,...angry even,....House Republicans are afraid that if they don't do what the Tea Party commands, they'll be primaried out of a job come 2012. House Republicans are correct to be scared of the power of the angry, angry Tea Party, knowing full well the Tea Party's role in last November's midterm.

So, House Republicans are wasting everybody's time this week repeating the usual-suspect lies about the health care reform bill for the sake of Tea Party members. Like I said....Tea Party Puppet Theater.

But all that is transparently obvious. Tell me something I don't know, Reverend.


Opposition to the health care reform bill has been the excuse for the revolutionary and violent rhetoric seen and heard from the right since the summer of 2009. Sure, for a couple of months after the stimulus bill passed, all we heard was socialism, socialism, socialism. Rag-tag Tea Party groups milled aimlessly around looking for a cause to attach their anger to in those glorious salad days of Reawakened Patriotism.

As soon as President Obama announced he was moving forward with healthcare reform in the early summer of 2009.....the Tea Party found what they had been looking for, a justification for their anger.....ObamaCare. Given detailed step-by-step instructions by corporate masters in the arts of deception, step-by-step instructions on how to disrupt representative's townhall meetings, how to behave in an uncivil manner, Tea Party members spread out over American townhall meetings....and raised holy hell. Corporate media rushed with their cameras to capture the contrived demonstrations of anger. Clueless "reporters" kept asking, "why is everyone so angry?"

I was actually embarassed FOR some of those angry, angry Tea Party Townhall Buster-Uppers. Normal, neighborly conservative folks had been instructed on how to quickly disrupt a House representative's meeting with his/her constituents. Partiers were told to shout out early in the meeting by loudly disagreeing, thus unsettling the elected official, setting a chaotic tone.

If you watched those disruptive scenes, you could tell that acting badly, acting rudely, didn't come naturally to these usually civil voters. However, they had been told that ObamaCare was, in fact, the return of Nazi they awkwardly followed the instructions, and it's been all downhill from that point.

Again, after Republicans drug their legislative feet as long as they possibly could during all of 2009 while the embarassing Townhall BustUps continued, longsuffering Democrats finally approved the health care reform bill in the Senate at the end of that year. Reconciliation with the House, and final passage with Obama's signature didn't come until March, 2010.

It was then that the militia group ordered the smashing of Democratic representatives offices. It was then that the death threats towards Democratic representatives increased exponentially. It was then that Democratic representatives were spit upon and abused verbally. It was then that Ms. Palin placed crosshairs on a map. It was then that Gabrielle Giffords office was vandalized. It was then that Ms. Giffords warned of consequences.

Summarizing what I have witnessed.....the violent revolutionary rhetoric, the heated hateful rhetoric, the gun-toting, show-and-tell fun, the eliminationist language, the "death panels", the ever-louder drumbeat that America was being "destroyed", the vandalism, the crosshair map.......all of it....coalesced around the mighty, mighty End-of-Days threat according to Tea Partiers: universal health care reform legislation.

House Republicans are putting on a theatrical performance today by Kabuki-dancing for the sake of Tea a most pitiful, impotent (and limp) public demonstration of weakness, in my opinion.

Sadly, today's House Republican dance of defiance is only being performed out of fear. Initially, the Tea Partiers struck existential fear in the hearts of Democratic representatives, directing violent, hateful and threatening language and actions towards officials who voted for ObamaCare. Now, Republicans, themselves, are afraid of the "anger" of the Tea Party. Afraid that they will be targeted next.

So they dance.



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