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Republicans Now Fighting One Another

By The Reverend Published: October 4, 2013

The extortionists are getting testy with themselves.....

....on Wednesday at a private luncheon, several Senate Republicans — Dan Coats of Indiana, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire — assailed Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has led the movement to block funding for the health law.

Ms. Ayotte was especially furious, according to two people present, and waved a printout from a conservative group friendly to Mr. Cruz attacking 25 of his fellow Republican senators for supporting a procedural vote that the group counted as support of the health law.

Ms. Ayotte asked Mr. Cruz to disavow the group’s effort and demanded he explain his strategy. When he did not, several other senators — including Mr. Johnson, Mr. Coats and even Mitch McConnell, the minority leader — joined in the criticism of Mr. Cruz.

“It just started a lynch mob,” said a senator who was present.

Isn't that account special? It certainly brought a smile to my face. Up until recently, the GOP has been one unified machine of obstruction....narrowly focused on "making Obama's presidency a failure." Try as they might.....and using every stunt and gimmick and deceptive fantasy they could imagine....Obama was still easily re-elected, and re-elected AFTER having passed the Affordable Care Act.

After Republicans failed to derail Obama's re-election bid, some of the more responsible congressional Republicans thought it was time to move off the 'Obamacare must die' full recognition of the fact that, in a democracy like ours, when one side doesn't have enough votes to win.....that side doesn't get what they want.

It is those more responsible Republicans, the kind that refuse to deny reality and arithmetic, whom Tinhorn Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Cro-Magnon Mike Lee (R-UT) decided to go after. The Confederate Jim DeMint, now at Heritage, the Tea Party Astroturfer group Freedomworks, the morons at Redstate and the hateful nihilists on conservative AM radio joined in with Cruz and Lee in an attempt to pressure realist Republicans into becoming fantasists, like them.

It is that pressure which led to the Ayotte-Johnson-Coats outburst directed at Cruz on Wednesday. No congressional representative or senator wants to see fellow party members plotting their defeat......which is exactly what Cruz and Lee have been doing. Thus, the "lynch mob" moment with only Republicans in the room.

There's good news here....and there's some potentially very bad news here.

Internal dissent within the GOP, the kind that breaks out in the open for all to witness....has been a rare occurrence. The sniping and backbiting and name-calling by Republicans directed towards fellow Republicans is somewhat new. The very fact that it's happening now could be evidence that the GOP has had enough of the extremists in their ranks. Or, it could be evidence of the extremists taking over the Republican Party.

The former would be good and welcome news, not only for the GOP but also the country. The latter would be...very bad news...for everyone. I've been paying close attention for quite a number of years....and today, I have no idea which way the "news" is going to break.

One thing is clear, however. The Republican matter how often Village media avoid talking about in historical disarray. The political party that has stood shoulder to shoulder obstructing everything Obama for 5 continuous years, the party which has directed every piece of snark, insult, lie, accusation and conspiracy theory at Obama....has now taken to aiming their word-arsenals at fellow Republicans.

That's new....and just could be a positive development for the country.....if there's a country left after this month.



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