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Republicans Reluctantly Open Convention

By The Reverend Published: September 3, 2008

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis, "This election is not about issues."

Joe Scarborough, Republican media mouthpiece, last night .."There's no enthusiam among the GOP floor delegates."

Andrea Mitchell, Mrs. Alan Greenspan, last night..."Where is George W. Bush, it's the first time since 1968 that a sitting president hasn't attended his own party's convention."

The theme of last night's GOP get together was "service", but the focus was on Sarah Palin, John McCain's impulsive, last minute, maverick pick for his running mate.

The one solidly rehearsed Republican talking point from last night's convention was this: "Sarah Palin has energized and excited the GOP, is a reformer like no other and has more executive experience to be president than anyone in the campaign."

Hard to comprehend, I know, but as often as that one talking point was regurgitated last night, there can be no doubt that it was the choreographed theme of the evening's festivities.

And that is a problem for the Republicans in this convention and in the November election.

Sure, there were the expected digs at Barack Obama, but last night's GOP shin-dig (and I'm afraid, the entire convention) has focused on defending an unqualified vice-presidential pick whom John McCain, in haste, choose as his running mate.

Rick Davis of the McCain campaign, answering a question about Palin, "We'll have to figure this out a day at a time."

Alan Spector, GOP senator from Pennsylvania, speaking of Palin, "We'll see how it all works out."

Republicans did their best to avoid discussing the last 8 years of president you know who. In fact, the brave GOP party leaders left it to Laura Bush to try to defend the Bush 43 presidency. Mrs. Bush 43, looking peculiarly similar to a Stepford Wife, mentioned a very short list of W's 'accomplishments'....No Child Left Behind, radical Supreme Court appointments, unconstitutional faith based programs and legitimate AIDS relief. Mrs. 43 left me laughing out loud with her "now that's change you can really believe in" zinger at the end.

Apparently, Bush 43 forgot about the fact that we have, like, airplanes he began his speech via satellite from...wait for it....Washington D.C. He told the audience he was in D.C. "overseeing the recovery" from that heavy rainstorm down along the gulf coast. Bush 43 continued the convention's opening day theme which focused on how Republican governors along the coast did so much better than when there was a Democratic governor in the mix back in 2003. That was Monday evening's non-partisan partisanship thrust....oh yeah....and "we care, really."

Bush 43 never lets a political opportunity go by without playing the fear card he carries with him at all times, you know, in case of emergency. "We live in a dangerous world. The lessons of 9-11 are that we must stop attacks before they happen." George assured the audience that John McCain was every bit the neo-conservative, pre-emptive, "more wars" leader that he, Commander Guy, has been. Yet Republicans insist John McCain won't be 'more of the same'.

Fred Thompson made the audience aware of what Republicans really care about in a leader....image. The video hagiographies last night of Reagan and Bush 41 aside, Republicans don't much care about presidential records or national policy....instead, Republicans love story telling, embellished or not. And that's what Freddy 'Red Truck' Thompson did....he told us all about McCain's POW story, in every excruciating detail. It reminded me of watching Mel Gibson's obscene portrayal of Jesus in the Passion.

While Thompson told us that being a POW doesn't qualify a person to be president, in itself, he also told the audience that you "don't have to ask, who is this man?, can we trust this man with the presidency." Thompson asserted that McCain's POW experience tells Americans all they need to know to vote him in as president. How is that not saying that McCain's POW experience qualifies him to be president?

Thompson, reassuring the world, I suppose, declared that John McCain believes there's "no need to apologize for the U.S.A." Fred, ever the actor, told Americans that if Obama raises taxes on the rich, the rich will punish all of us by raising prices on everything. It was the familiar blackmail message the GOP uses to justify unfair tax giveaways to those who don't need it.

Closing out the evening was the man without a political party, the man Democrats rightfully rejected in 2006, the neo-con of neo-cons....Joe Lieberman. Lieberman answered his own deceitful question of what a Democrat was doing at a GOP convention by saying amusingly, "country matters more than party". That is true of Lieberman, particularly, because Joe doesn't have a political party. He is, contrary to his own statement, an Independent, not a Democrat.

When Lieberman speaks of "country first", as McCain does, he means it in a militaristic way. Building out the empire for the sake of huge multi-national corporations is what Joe and John mean by "country first". Lieberman's call for bi-partisanship is a militaristic call. Lieberman, who holds solid Democratic positions on most social issues, finds the comraderie of imperialistic warmakers and pre-emptive attackers of nation's that do not threaten us, as an addictive drug he cannot resist. Connecticut Democrats conducted a succesful intervention, it got so bad.

John and Joe led the way in convincing W. to escalate the conflict in Iraq which left us with over 1000 more dead American soldiers, but no Iraqi political reconciliation. When the genuinely bi-partisan Baker-Hamilton report advocated troop reductions, Joe and John kicked against that bi-partisan recommendation. So much for bi-partisanship.

Lieberman will be like Charlie Brown come January. A pitiful figure. No political party, no tenure in the senate, no committee chairs, nothing. Rightfully so. A former Democrat who sells all his political possessions and goes and follows the Princes of Pre-Emptive War Darkness should be isolated.

Day Two of the Sarah Palin Convention begins this evening. When Mrs. Palin speaks tonight, it will be just like hearing from any of the attractive women today's media hires....pleasant to look at with a broad appealing smile, but totally unqualified to speak authoritatively about national issues.

The GOP, scrambling to create enthusiasm for their bankrupt party, have allowed their own convention to devolve into a political version of "Entertainment Tonight." Nothing about policy, nothing about the last 8 years of failure,....but.....just look at our two maverick stars.



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